Tim Byers Is The People's Chef. Plus, Meat Photos!

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Byers sans facial hair
Last week we told you about Food and Wine's People's Choice Contest featuring two local chefs, Tim Byres and Tre Wilcox out of 100 chefs across the nation. Yesterday, the news came out that Byres took the big prize. Not just best chef for the Southwest (is Dallas really the Southwest?) but the best chef overall. Byres beat some pretty big names to take the title.

Food and Wine goes on to celebrate Byres' accomplishments including his stellar barbecue, his use of an in-kitchen wood grill, and his hand-pulled, all-natural whole hog, North Carolina-style, which is roasted overnight.

Yet, we know the real reason Byres earned the National title for People's Choice is ...



and this.

Smoke Bone.jpg

For more of Smoke's meats, check out the slideshow we put together here. Congratulations to Chef Byres.

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901 Fort Worth Ave., Dallas, TX

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Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

Just looking at that pit is making me hungry!  Nothing better than SLOW smoking goodness.  I once stuck pasta in a pit with white wine sauce, and habanero's (also, a wee bit of fruit)..........and, I thought I was in heaven.  Other things to stick in the pit (other than the obvious):

-tenderloins-BBQ Sauce-chicken wings with butter (gotta use a drip pan)-a deli ham (lazy man's Carolina BBQ) with sweet n' sour and Tabasco.

ps-Just Sayin'. 

"I excite to follow this"-The Fan Listeners (he he).

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