Deep Ellum Brewing Company. Beer Garden. Beer Samples. Tomorrow.

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Working mid-week on beer garden. It'll be beautiful on Saturday.
This week, the guys at Deep Ellum Brewing Company have been hard at work transforming their backyard into a beer garden. And on Saturday they'll celebrate their new digs (at 2821 St. Louis St.) with an open house, tour, "general merriment" and a concert with Fish Fry Bingo. For grub, So-Cal Tacos will be parked outside.

Local beer, tacos, music in the new beer garden, partly sunny with a high of 84, and general merriment to boot? What more could you ask for? Free samples, you say? Oh, there's that too.

It's all happening from noon to 3 p.m., and you can purchase tickets here (but they aren't required in advance). Ten bones gets you a tour of the brewery and a DEBC pint glass. For info on more upcoming beer events, check out Jesse Hughey's recent update.

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Deep Ellum Brewing Co.

2823 Saint Louis St., Dallas, TX

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Hi I am a doctor and every 5 five minutes we receive a patient who has hurt someone or someone has hurt him, just because of this beer or alcohol. Please don't celebrate this and just think on it Jenni from coussin de sol géant 


Are they going to blow up a fermenter like Franconia for the festivities?

(Not too soon, is it?  Since the folks that got hurt are OK now, at least.)

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