The Village at Fairview Hosts Franconia Beer Walk Tonight

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Any time St Patrick's Day falls on a weekend, you know you're in for trouble. It's just like that friend you have whose birthday always seems to stretch into a week-long celebration while everyone else is content to have a single dinner out with friends. St Patrick's Day on Saturday essentially means you need to pre-game on Friday to get warmed up, continue your buzz into Saturday because that's what you do on St Patrick's Day, and then continue to drink on Sunday to ease your transition back into Monday's pending sobriety. It's a lot of drinking.

And now a beer walk sponsored by Franconia Brewery Co. gives you a chance to pre-game your pre-game. The local beer brewery is sponsoring an event at the Village at Fairview tonight from 5 p.m.-8 p.m. Just show up, sign in, and you'll get a stein and three vouchers good for tasting five different beers at five different shops around the shopping center.

Franconia Brewery Co. was recently in the news after a reported explosion upended a brewing vessel and injured two guests during a brewery tour. Dennis Wehrmann, the brew master for the company, says it wasn't an explosion, but a failed pressure release valve that propelled the tank causing to to fall over. The incident shut down the brewery for a week but both of the injured tour attendees are fine and Franconia is back to brewing beer.

Wehrmann and his staff will be at the walk tonight talking about the suds they're sampling. Three tastes might not be enough to invoke your inner leprechaun, but it's a start.

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Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

Damn I sorry I missed wife drags me up yonder atleast 3 times a week.  Me and the Kergie 3 year old ALWAYS go to the sand beach, fountain (in season), and he loves the tractor in front of Whole Foods.  Maybe a little Purple Cow? Maybe some Twisted Root Burger Co. ?

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