Lucia's Chef David Uygur is Making Smoked Duck Pizza at Il Cane Rosso Tonight

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Allison V. Smith
David Uygur: Slinging pies, one-night only.
Jay Jerrier, owner of Il Cane Rosso, put it best: "Santo Merda!" (Holy Shit!)

It's not too often that the best pizza shop in town offers up its authentic Neapolitan red-brick pizza oven to one of the best chefs in the city. A chef whose restaurant takes reservations a month out (but has three seats at the bar).

Il Cane Rosso even has Uygur's special pizza online already:

David Uygur from Lucia will be our guest chef on Monday night - how about a pie with N'duja, tripe & breadcrumbs along with a smoked duck & herbed ricotta pie!!

Il Cane Rosso is taking reservations at 214-741-1188.

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 Smoked Duck Pizza my first time to heard about this. I wondered what is this recipe were in the  taste seems unforgettable . This dish is one of my most desired to eat and I would like to take a bite and taste this for my self and compare it with my moms work. Diana My blog :

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