A Look at a New Food Truck: Cajun Tailgaters

Roast Beef Po'Boy
There has been an steady stream of new food trucks in the DFW area recently. And it seems the scene is, for the most part, taking shape. Last weekend both Dallas and Fort Worth hosted food truck parks or parties and customers kept the meals on wheels busy.

A few of the newbies include Potato Potahto, Tin Star Taco Taxi, Dos Paisanos,TX Delizioso and Cajun Tailgators.

Considering LSU Tigers are some of the best tailgaters in the country, I tracked down their purple food truck this weekend. The owners, who are LSU grads, change their menu daily, but recently they've had a steady supply of crawfish pistolette (a French roll stuffed with a creamy crawfish sauce), fried boudin balls, red beans and rice, jambalaya and a roast beef po'boy with debris gravy. And, of course, beignets.

The French bread on the po'boy was fresh and the crust had a nice crunch. More of that debris gravy would have been nice and it needed splash of Tabasco (maybe they had some at the truck, I just missed it), but in all it was a good cajun inspired meal.

The beignets are great hot and fresh. If they linger long in the bag, the get a bit chewy. So, maybe eat dessert first.

You can follow Cajun Tailgaters on their Facebook page.


Cajun Tailgaters
Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya

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Holy shit, its FOOD TRUCK FRIDAY!!!!!!!!


there is not enough gravy on the roast beef poboy but give me a cold barq's with it and it is on like donkey kog

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