Dublin Bottling Works Is Taking Over Velvet Taco's Soda Fountain

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Leslie Minora
Jeff Kloster has struck again. Back in January we told you about Dublin Bottling Work's move to bolster the Dublin soda industry. Maple and Motor still serves their sodas, and they're becoming more available by the day.

Now Velvet Taco plans to add more of Kloster's offerings. They've been carrying his Black Cherry Soda for the last two months, they're adding Dublin's Triple XXX root beer soon, and a third, yet to be determined soda, will follow in about a month.

Customers will get to decide which soda occupies that last fountain head. From 11 a.m. till 2 p.m. Thursday, Velvet Taco will be sampling six sodas for customers and tallying votes. The favorite will join their line up of craft sodas including Oogave and Main Root.

Meanwhile, Kloster marches on. A representative for his company just told me that Dublin Bottling works sodas are now available at more DFW restaurants than before the legal agreement ended Kloster's ties with soda giant Dr Pepper Snapple Group. They're also a featured sponsor for the Big Texas Beer fest in Fair Park this April. Craft beer, as you know, has seen a massive resurgence over the last decade. Kloster is hoping craft soda is next.

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Velvet Taco

3012 N. Henderson Ave., Dallas, TX

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Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor

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Chris Danger
Chris Danger

Awesome move indeed..Heres hoping DBWs move upward continues, we need more craft soda companies here in TX, as its a sorely under-represented business..

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