Bad Sushi, Burgers and Too Much Cheese: This Week In Dallas Grubbing

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You guys know what I'll be eating this weekend.
Another week has come to a close, this one under a shroud of dark gray clouds. Not really looking that inspiring yet, is it? Maybe this is your last good weekend to stay at home and make a big pot of chili. You could even put beans in it. I promise I won't tell. Before you hit your grocery store to pick up meat and fixins, we've got a week to wrap up.

This week I reviewed Central 214. If you haven't been, I think you should check it out. If you're not up for a heavy meal, just have a seat at the bar. Graham Dodd's bar food menu is a great one.

Bolsa Mercado has no bar, but you should pay them a visit anyway. This turkey sandwich is looking good. Or maybe you're headed up north to Denton 35. If you go we've got a list of places to eat. Cleaning your beard is all you, though.

If you'd rather try and be healthy this week there's a new juice place to check out. It's probably a great way to cleanse after eating and over cheesed sandwich or a walking taco.

Elsewhere in Dallas, Leslie Brenner reviews Kinado Sushi and Bar in Richardson, this week and awards zero stars. Stackhouse on the other hand got three.

There's a new kid in town. @TheGlutLife has been tweetin' for months, but I just noticed he's been building out a pretty crazy blog, too. Look how this guy handles snapper. Makes you wonder what he'd do with sriracha.

Things have taken a turn on the Taco Trail. Two breakfast taco posts make me wonder if Jose got a new alarm clock. I love eggs in my tacos, but I also like sleeping in.

The Escape Hatch might have a little scoop on the Horne and Dekker space. He's working a rumor that the Nosh folks are moving in. I wonder what will happen to the rest of the places that have closed in the hood.

And Oh, Hey Dallas went to Thailand and ate a bunch of shit. I don't believe for a second that slice is the best pizza ever, but the rest of those pictures gave me wander lust. Guess that means it's time to get out of here.

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Taco Trail
Taco Trail

Thanks for the mention. I promise the next post will not be about breakfast tacos.

Josh's broken records
Josh's broken records

Five more things I can't wait for Scott to discover:

CFSHotlink on a bunLonestar (the bottle caps specifically)ShinerThe sky is blue

Hey bud, Siracha stopped being the go to sauce about the time somebody let y'all in on it. It's been the condiment of choice at Fred's Texas for a hundred years.


Hey, Thanks for the Shout Out, Scott. We've reallyappreciated the warm welcome we've gotten. We have a ton of wild stuff coming soon,so keep us on your radar.

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