Snack Global Kitchen and Bar, a Nosh Spin-Off, to Open on Henderson This Spring

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Back in February, we noted numerous closings in the Knox-Henderson area and referred to the neighborhood as the restaurant Bermuda triangle. Fish City Grill, Horne and Dekker, Alma, Cafe San Miguel and others in the area had closed in less than a year, leading me to question why the neighborhood was seemingly tough on restaurants.

I haven't seen any news on what's planned for the Fish City Grill space, but the restaurant formerly known as Horne and Dekker will now go by the name of Snack Global Kitchen and Bar.

Avner Samuel and Jon Stevens, the partners behind both Nosh locations, will be taking over the location and offering a menu of small plates based on a whole world of ethnic cooking, including Thai, Mexican, Indian and Middle Eastern. How great would it be if they compounded the theme and focused on the street foods of the world?

Back to my Bermuda Triangle theory, though: Parking was one of the biggest concerns posed in the post, and echoed up my many reader comments. Samuel and Stevens are dealing with that issue head on. They've hired their own valet contractor and are offering the parking service for free. Sushi Axiom and the other restaurants that occupy the strip mall will maintain their own valet services.

They're also placing an emphasis on alcohol, hoping to sell as much beer, wine and cocktails as possible to diners who come to graze on moderately priced little plates. The price point marks a significant departure from the upscale offerings of Nosh. It sounds like a Nosh for the young and drunk.

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I don't necessarily think parking is that big of a problem there. People know, when going to Henderson Ave, they're most likely going to have to valet. If not, then park 3-6 blocks away and walk. It's no different for the upper part of Henderson.

I think the issue has been poorly run restaurants, over-speculation in interest, lousy service, mediocre food and, from the word of it, insanely high rent. Alma was the exception in terms of food.

Looking back; Fish City Grill, H&D, Urbino Pizza, Park and can't even recall the others, were all so very average.


I gather they are going to gut the inside and get rid of the beloved astroturf wall on the patio; now I really regret not asking Flynn if I could acquire a few of those incredibly comfortable bar stools!I am excited about the food possibilities, but not really seeing how having an additional valet will in any way solve most people's complaints which is that they just want to park their own car for free within walking distance of the front door.


Brad, I agree with most of your reasoning however, I'd start with the ridiculously high rents charged by greedy landlords and developers.


Agree about the ridiculously high rents.  Wouldn't it make sense as a landlord to charge affordable rent as that increases the likelihood of having long term tenants?  Or is it better to fleece 'em while you can and not worry about the property sitting unoccupied for months at a time?  Seems like the popular thinking is the latter, but in my opinion the former makes a lot more sense.

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