A Visual Guide to a Proper Irish Breakfast

A full Ulster Fry (yes, on a Christmas plate.)
Mark Cuban has caused me to completely rediscover St. Patrick's Day. Gratuitous party-givers with no strings attached plays well into the whole theme of "friendliest day of the year."

So I tracked down my favorite Irish lass, Theresa Magee, earlier this week to have her show me how to make a proper Irish breakfast, more specifically an Ulster Fry, which is a dish from northern Ireland. The most appealing feature other than bacon is that almost everything on the plate, even the soda bread, is pan-fried.

The starting line up includes:

Banger sausage
Irish bacon
Black pudding
Fried tomatoes and mushrooms
Fried eggs
Soda bread
Potato bread

Magee runs the small deli in the back of Sigel's on Inwood, and many smart people about town find her to be one the best-kept secrets in the city. In addition to being a cheesemonger, she makes amazing duck and turkey potpies, roast ducks and makes sandwiches with premium meats.

As a tip of the hat to her Irish roots, Magee sells Tommy Moloney's Irish meats in the cooler in her deli, and every Saturday she and Pedro, who also works in the deli as a baker and cook, make Irish soda bread from scratch. Magee also carries black pudding, and the rest, like the tomato, eggs and mushrooms (which we didn't have in this breakfast), can be acquired at the typical spots.

Even though soda bread is usually baked, Magee made inch-thick triangles with the dough and cooked them slow and low in a skillet with butter. By the time they were done cooking, they were properly fluffed and absolutely perfect -- slathered with a thick layer of Kerrygold butter and amazing.

The bacon and banger sausages both need to be sautéed over low heat with a bit of oil in the pan or they'll burn. Just prior to serving, Magee sliced the soda bread in half and pan-toasted in butter (again). Same with the potato bread (and, of course, more butter is applied when you actually eat them.)

Check out the pictures below for the full effect. Then go buy yourself the proper fixin's for an Ulster Fry.

Pan fried soda bread.

Black Pudding

Irish Bacon

Fried Tomatoes (imagine mushrooms too)

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Sigel's Epicurean Market-Deli

15003 Inwood Road, Addison, TX

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bed and breakfast whitby
bed and breakfast whitby

Thanks to sharing a nice post. This post provide a well information of Irish breakfast. A looks of different types of  Irish breakfast item which is really testy and healthy. I would like to eat Black Pudding item.

Jayne Chobot
Jayne Chobot

A proper pub Irish Breakfast is one thing that I already find myself missing about New York. Somebody please tell me where in Dallas I can get one on a Saturday or Sunday morning?


Banger? I don't even know her.


My favorite Irish breakfast food is Guinness. Arse!


i love it all. english breakfast, irish, welsh or scottish. all with their own subtle variations and all perfect with some guinness and coffee.

Chris Danger
Chris Danger

Soda Bread, if fried properly, actually is pretty dang good, especially with honey or some sort of preserve.  I also prefer my eggs to be scrambled, something they don't understand in the UK, trust me, i've tried ;)

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

My least favorite foods are Irish and English foods; they both show a blandness seldom seen in nature, and said foods usually taste like a rotten, fly infested camel.


how d'you know about the beans?!


 Trinity Hall has one:

Full Breakfastour top breakfast, a treat remembered from ireland’s bed & breakfast inn holidays, available all day, every day!two eggs prepared your way, bangers (link sausage), rasher (back-style bacon)black & white puddings, grilled tomato, baked beans, taters & toast



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