How to Make a Football Feast Out of That Box of Veggies On Your Porch (Or in Your Fridge)

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Tailgate in a box -- local style.
I'm calling out Drewes Daniels right here, right now. Her post earlier today lamenting the untimely delivery of her farm-to-table produce box because the Super Bowl is this weekend just doesn't hold up. Besides, those greens might look like compost fodder if she waits till Tuesday, and you know she's not cooking Monday with a football Sunday hangover.

The time is now. There's a whole tailgate in that box of roughage and she can't even see it. And this on the blog where boxes are supposed to invoke the ultimate in pain creativity. Here's how I'd tackle it.

Pop the bottoms off those mushrooms, dice them up, saute them with the minced bottom portion of the onions and some peppers, and then fold in some breadcrumbs. Put the mixture back in the caps, top them with cheese and bake them till they look tempting.

Thinly slice the tops of the onions and use them as a garnish for the big ass plate of nachos or seven layer dip you were going to make anyway.

Cook that spinach down and fold it into a mixture of mayonnaise, sour cream, parm and any good melting cheese. Bake it until it looks like a TGI Friday's commercial, and then watch it disappear.

Braise that cabbage in a little stock and some bright vinegar, and use it as a topper for some corned beef sandwiches with Swiss cheese.

Make a salad out of the arugula and segments cut from the oranges and grapefruit. I know, I know, salad for the Super Bowl? Watch how quick it goes. With a backdrop of meat, melted cheese and chicken wings, people will thank you for at least one dish that doesn't put them in danger of a ruptured aorta.

The sprouts, kale and root vegetables should keep well through the weekend if you store them properly. Treat them with a little more respect and make something healthy to erase all the guilt you've created.

Drewes Daniels, you've been Boxed.

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Cold springs farm
Cold springs farm

Excellent plan but for those of you thar might be less prepared, go purchase some DEBBIE MEYER GREEN BAGS (bed & bath,etc). They really work and will keep your EXTREMELY fresh produce, just that...EXTREMELY FRESH. Also if your greens have wilted, just cut the stem ends off about 1 inch and place in a vase of HOT about one hour they will be fresh all over again!


Whatev, Reitz. It's on like Donkey Kong. But, I'll come up with my own recipes! 

Bev Garvin
Bev Garvin

HA! I knew you would know exactly what to do with that box. Did you write this because you saw my comment to her article or do we just think alike?

I'm STILL dying to know if Cheap Bastard could make something yummy with ingredients of a healthy box. =)


Sounds like Scott is angling for a Super Bowl party invitation by offering chef duties for the Super Bowl.

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