Woody: Another Worthy Taco Truck That Can't Quite Get Rolling in Dallas. But When It Does ...

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SoCal Tacos
Lately we've talked a lot about how the Dallas food scene is moving past plates of melted cheese. But let this stand as a warning to the fancy-pants chefs in this town: Melted cheese will always have a place here. You hear that? Always.

And that's how I justify the nachos I shared at lunch yesterday.

Let's work from the bottom up on these nachos so you'll understand everything that's happening. They start with fresh, thick chips (made at an Arlington tortilleria), black beans, rice, shredded chicken, cheese, grilled jalapeños, salsa verde and then cilantro aioli.

Nachos aren't really even the specialty at this food truck. It's actually the tacos. After living in Southern California, Scott Wooley, who owns Woody (that's the truck), missed that region's specific style of tacos so much he decided to make his own here. The taco options include honey chipotle grilled salmon, shrimp, panko-crusted fish and steak; topped with an aioli slaw and your choice of salsa.

Everything is made fresh and from scratch, including the the cilantro ailoi and green and red salsa. The daily menu had crisp, light sopapillias (see photo below) covered in powdered sugar and chocolate (pineapple and strawberry are available too).

Woody is still stuck in permit hell and can't freely roam Dallas yet, but you can catch him on the outskirts daily. Check the SoCal Facebook page for updates.


Sopapilla Fries

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Stephanie Carra
Stephanie Carra

Awesome fish & spicy al pastor tacos at Texas Motor Speedway!  Thanks Woody!

Robbie Hamilton
Robbie Hamilton

I love everything I've eaten from this truck.  He's in Irving at least once a week near my office... so tasty!

Nic Rodriguez
Nic Rodriguez

Those tacos look awesome. I wonder if I can catch these guys for dinner...

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