The Favorite Foods of All 44 Presidents

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After an exhaustive search of public records and historical documents at the Library of Congress (read: drunken Google search), we are ready to honor President's Day with a comprehensive list of the foods enjoyed by our fearless leaders of the past. Throughout this process one question continued to nag:

Who the shit was Chester Alan Arthur?

Happy President's Day, Aters.

1.George Washington reportedly enjoyed fish and ice cream. We're not sure if that meant together or in succession, but man he would have eaten the shit out of some Phish Food. Dude was a hemp farmer, amiright? Munch on, Wash.

2. John Adams: Indian pudding.

3. Thomas Jefferson: Ice cream.

4. James Madison: Ice cream. Which apparently is all the White House had between 1789 and 1817...

5. James Monroe: Fried chicken.

6. John Quincy Adams: Fresh fruit.

7. Andrew Jackson: French food.

8. Martin Van Buren: All we could find was "oysters and donuts." WOW. Did Immodium exist back then?

9. William Henry Harrison: SQUIRREL FUCKING STEW.
10. John Tyler: Pudding. (What is with these dudes and desserts?)

11. James K Polk: Corn pone. You try to say that without laughing. 

12. Zachary Taylor: Creole food. Spicy dude. 

13. Millard Fillmore: The owner of the first iron stove ... and he requested soup. 

14. Frankling Pierce: Fried clams.

15. James Buchanan: Fresh butter. Really? Are you related to the Deen family?

16. Abraham Lincoln, our tall-hatted friend to the people, liked a hot plate of Chicken Fricassee and Herbed Biscuits. What a snooty bastard. Eh well, his beard was excellent.

17. Andrew Johnson: Popcorn.

18. No idea what Ulysses S. Grant liked, but he was a huge guy, so we're guessing he got down with a Baconator from time to time. They had those in 1869, right? Wait, was Dave Thomas ever a president? 


19. The Googles tell us Rutherford B. Hayes was a simpleton and enjoyed something called Delicate Cornmeal Battercakes. Which is probably just a 19th century version of pancakes, and probably tasted like shit. So head on down to IHOP, get down on some nasty pancakes, and live like ol' President Hayes.

20. James Garfield, the one with the beard of presidential beards, wins the most random favorite food award in the history of ever: squirrel soup. We refuse to look up pictures of this so we're just telling ourselves he liked lasagna.


21. Chester Alan Arthur: Mutton Chop with a nice, tall glass of ale. What a stud.

22. Grover Cleveland: Corned Beef and Cabbage.

23. Benjamin Harrison: Blue-Point Oysters. We approve of this. 

24. Grover Cleveland: Waaaaait a second! That guy got re-elected? Mutton chop guy? 

25. William McKinley: Eggs. Wow. What a riveting human.

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Wow. So how much does one get paid to write this sort of drivel, Observer staff? The excessive vulgarity usage indicates a very limited vocabulary - and the article isn't funny. I'm not sure who should be more embarrassed - the writer or the editor who approved this for publication.

I have a journalism degree and am open to being poached from my current position. To whom do I forward my resume? If this is truly the bar, I would thoroughly enjoy assisting your publication with raising it.


I thought Andrew Jackson's favorite dish was chocolate poontang? Could be wrong, though, as I am not a historian.


Oh man, you missed it. W's fav food was Sonny Bryan's BBQ!

Some Guy Downtown
Some Guy Downtown

Grant liked hooch. Seriously, how do you get educated in American and not know that Grant was a WORLD CLASS BOOZE HOUND?


If you're going to be abrasive at least be funny. Holy crap, we're getting Whitt-esque in here.

Plus being intelligent enough to understand that ice cream was a pretty big fucking deal before refrigeration and refined sugar were common. They didn't have a Ben & Jerry's you could hitch your horse in front of.


Great, another blogger who confuses the use of curse words with clever writing.

Chris Danger
Chris Danger

Many times when they referred to "pudding", it wasn't the sweet dessert we're used to, it was a savory dish like Spoon Bread or Corn Pudding...


Lighten up Frances. I'm sure you can request a full refund.


They're not mutually exclusive. Shit, I laughed at some of these, and I never usually laugh at these lists.


Who doesn't like a good curse word occasionally? Prude.

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