James Beard Awards: Stephan Pyles, Bruno Davaillon and Teiichi Sakurai are Semifinalists

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Alison V. Smith
Tei An Chef Teiichi Sakurai
The James Beard Foundation just released this year's semifinalists, and to be honest they're a total snooze -- at least as far as Dallas is considered.

Stephan Pyles is a finalist for Outstanding Chef for his work at his eponymous restaurant; Bruno Davaillon (The Mansion) and Teiichi Sakurai (Tei-An) are in the Best Chef: Southwest category. They're all veterans of the Beard ceremonies and Dallas mainstays.

Matt McCallister (Campo) hasn't been around long enough, and Graham Dodds of Central 214 and Jeff Harris of Bolsa probably aren't ready for the Beards, but David Uygur at Lucia can hang with a lot of the other nominees I see from other regions. I think it's likely we'll see this new guard get increasing time in the spotlight soon.

Maybe next year?

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You haven't been here long enough, but Uygur isn't any more seasoned than say a Harris. It wasn't all that long ago he was sous at the Grape.

Scott Reitz
Scott Reitz

 He's got five stars and the affection of an entire city.


That's the second time he has received five stars from the DMN. The first was as chef of The Tasting Room at Lola in 2003. He has been running his own show ever since. I think that is plenty of seasoning.

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