Whole Foods Market to Close Local Bakehouse and Ship from Houston Instead

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Whole Foods Market
Whole Foods Market announced recently that it will close its Dallas bakehouse, located on University near Central, which for the past 12 years has produced breads and pastries for its eight area stores, as well as Little Rock, Tulsa and Oklahoma City. After the spring closure, baked items for local stores will come from the Whole Foods Houston bakehouse.

The reason for closing the facility, which is strictly a bakery and not a retail outlet, is that production demands have outgrown what that bakehouse is able to accommodate. The Houston facility is currently able to handle greater production levels. Per the company:

"By consolidating our efforts to the Houston Bakehouse, we are able to fully organize our product distribution throughout the region, and better serve the needs of our guests."

If you were to order, say, a cake from Whole Foods, you would need to do it a few days in advance so they can place the order at the bakehouse and have it delivered to the store, where finishing touches are added. Now instead of coming from a local shop, it'll be trucked in from Houston.

Whole Foods has said it will continue to receive baked goods daily and shoppers should not experience any interruption in products offered.

There were 70 employees at the Dallas bakehouse, including those in transportation. According to the store, 22 of those have been placed at area Whole Foods Market stores.

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Nic Rodriguez
Nic Rodriguez

Central Market (where I may, or may not, moonlight on the weekends) still makes their breads inhouse. They've also begun making their bagels at the Plano location for delivery to other CMs. Prior to this they would bake the frozen dough from a distributor.


Whole Foods has jumped the shark anyway, too much expansion too quick too concerned with what Wall Street thinks about them 


I love Wholefoods cakes and other sweet baked goods. They're some of the best in Dallas. I hope the quality doesn't suffer because of the travel time

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