Guess Where I'm Eating: Reuben Edition

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Every now and then I page through the hundreds of photos in my iPhone and wonder what the hell I'm doing to myself. I am a man made of burgers and fries and tacos, and apparently since coming to Dallas I've eaten a shit-ton of Reuben sandwiches. Most of them have let me down, but there have been a few stand-outs.

This dimly lit East Dallas pub boasts a Kobe corned beef Reuben, according to the menu. They use marble rye and gruyere cheese and, sadly, don't serve french fries. Anyone know where I'm eating?

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Nice to see C&B get some love.  Their burgers don't get as much love as they deserve IMO.  And Vanessa is one my favorite bartenders in town. 

Scott Reitz
Scott Reitz

C&B is on my top ten for sure.... and maybe my top 5. I love that bar.

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