Dallas Food Trucks Vie for a Spot on Food Network's Eat St. Who You Voting For?

The Food Network
The folks at Food Network's food-truck reality show Eat St. have reached out to food bloggers across the country, hoping they'll help get out the vote for local trucks competing for a spot on the show. There are four trucks from the Dallas/Fort Worth area competing for a spot among 51 others from around the country.

To follow are the truckers who had the guts/Flip cams/time to submit videos, with links to their videos where you can vote for your favorites. Try not to accidentally vote for non-local Aphrodisiac Ice Cream, which has a half-naked chick in its video. Focus. Stay strong!

Get to clicking:

Ruthie's Rolling Café

Red Jett Sweets

So-Cal Tacos

Nammi Truck

The five trucks with the most votes will win the Fan Favourite award (because for some reason this show about American street food is from Food Network Canada?) and will be eligible for the grand prize, which is a segment on the Eat St series. Voting started last Thursday and will continue through the end of January, with winners announced February 10. You can vote once per day, so you know what to do.

(Update: Over the weekend it looked like So-Cal and Nammi were neck-and-neck around 100 votes, but now Ruthie's is kicking ass with over 300!)

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What about the other two trucks?! Theres Bacon Wagon and Eat Jo Dawgs.

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

Fooddick here:

Can my mini van qualify as a food truck?  I went camping in said van Saturday night, and smoked the following by the light of campfire:-BBQ Sauce-nacho's-pizza-turkey-chicken breast....and pasta.  

I vote me....more Kergo!

ps-Ron Paul looks like he is one step away from death's door. He looked worse than RPerry the other night....is that possible?

Eat St. Tweet
Eat St. Tweet

Thanks for spreading the word! We actually feature Canadian food trucks too (we're North America wide) and are on Food Network Canada in Canada and The Cooking Channel in the U.S. :) We know, it gets a bit complicated ;) 


Im voting for Aphrodisiac Ice Cream 

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