Valet Parking, Dr Pepper and Enchilada Porn: This Week In Fatness

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Lauren Drews Daniels
Is it quitting time yet? We're close. ZestFest is going down at the Irving Convention Center this weekend. Make sure you stock up on your TUMS, and avoid hospital trip inducing capsaicin extracts. It's also shaping up to be a fine weekend for patio drinking, but before you go we've got a week to wrap.

I reviewed Mico Rodriguez's Mr. Mesero this week, and was more smitten with the service than I was with the food -- a notion that touched off a debate on the importance customers place on good service when they dine out.

Elsewhere on City of Ate, Jeff Kloster struck back against big soda. His new line of sugary beverages is getting the pop purveyor a lot of attention from businesses around Texas.

Lauren talked to John Tesar about his departure from One Arts Plaza, and his new focus -- a couple of Commissaries, and a place called Spoon. After reading about his difficulties in the Arts District, I think he's making a good move.

Eating four gyros in as many days is not a good move, and either is eating a sandwich off the hood of your car, but both activities garnered some great blog posts that are worth a read.

Oh. Valet parking is for pussies, if you hadn't heard.

Elsewhere in the Dallas Foodiverse, SideDish has a new intern I've grown to like. Carol Shih's post on fish pancakes at H-Mart caught my eye a few weeks ago and this week she stuffs some shiny nickles into dumplings for Chinese New Year. I wasn't invited to the party. Maybe next year?

And Nancy Nichols wishes she could use a worm hole to undo her unfortunate visit to The Magic Time Machine.

Eats Blog dishes on a new deli from the folks behind Nonna. I'm thinking they're going to give Jimmy's a run for their money, but I wonder if most of Dallas will prefer the upscale offerings of Carbone's Fine Food and Wine to Jimmy's casual grocery.

Enchilada porn anyone? I've eaten all but two of Crave DFW's tortilla clad treats, and can attest Doyle has some decent picks with this post.

Entree Dallas
has a cool look at Rex's Seafood market with a picture of a lobster roll that's got me missing summer. As soon as the mercury gets over 80, I'm going to have to go grab a roll and a cold one. With today's weather, I'm worried that won't be too far off. Hopefully we'll get at least one snow before that happens? Nothing epic, just a coupla inches for the dogs and kids to play in. Definitely not this weekend, though.

See ya next week?

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Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

Went to Dickey's BBQ in Allen, and spent thirty dollars on food.  I know, I know, you ask why?  I dunno!  The meat was fatty, the cutter was "put out" by our menu pondering (at 8 at night), and veggie's tasted like eff'ing dogshite.  That's it Roland.....I'm done.  Next time I'll just go to McDonald's, or Rudy's. 

ps-The cutter put the fat from the brisket on my sandwich....what?......that is like the cardinal sin of BBQ.  The lifter on the beef-ok, but the rancid, shimmering fat?  No.  Dickey's sucks-and I put it in the same class as Olive Garden and Bennigan's.  I hope the brisket falls and burns in the pit tonight, and that you'll have to buy $10,000 worth of Sadler's pre-packaged BBQ from Sam's. 


Insert fatjondaniel comment here.  can imagine how that chair SCREAMS when he sits down?

ps-"I'm BIG, not fat", that's what Oprah says

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

And don't forget the picture of Jack Perkins terlit-sir.  Let's not sit around all weekend on a patio; let's engage-let's go hiking!  In a campsite, you can enjoy nature and drink, WITHOUT a whole bunch of douche nozzles with piercings, and tribal tattoo's. Also, if you went hiking, that would ensure that you are not in that decaying dump called Dallas City. Shite man, atleast go too a real city.  OKC has Bricktown, Hot Springs has a national park........Dallas has soulless f+ckeads on patio's, watching the images shimmer on the  OMNI.  


This just shows all that you are no doubt 75 years old and angry. Go away already.

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

Nope, gotta fight the good fight...........I fight shite!  But thank you ma'am, sir, uhhhh, crazy person at 3 AM that is telling me that I'm angry.  75.  AND, go away.  I detect a guy named Pete, surfing for tranny porn, and eating tv dinners; trying to sway ME to stay away.  Gonna take more than that peckerhead.  He he. 

ps-Why did you email me the link to

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