You Say Guanciale, I Say Delicious: This Week In Fatness

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This is what pig cheeks look like when they are turned into delicious.
Well. Here we go. Hope your tree and other decorations are taken down and put away. The "New Year" is quickly becoming the plain old month of January. We've got a lot of eating to do. And we're starting with burgers.

Alice Laussade and I both tackled Stackhouse this week. And we both liked it, too. The Cheap Bastard used her column to lobby that eggs be used as a topping for everything, and I was just happy to find another burger that doesn't suck. I think I'm good on burgers for a while, though.

The Sundown at Granada opened, as did a few other places, according to our revolving doors post. I'm most excited to see how Bolsa Mercado effects the food served over at Bolsa.

You guys like football? We'll be talking about it a little on Mondays as our playoff food party takes shape. Have you picked your team? Maybe Chicago will make it and we can whip up sandwiches that look like this.

Tim Byres is off to Washington D.C.. He'll be cooking for five days at a molecular gastronomy restaurant called Rogue 24. I hope he eats here, and then figures out hot to bring delicious ramen back to Dallas

Outside of City of Ate, food news seems to be picking up everywhere.

Remember when we told you about the new awesome delicious spicy ketchup at Whataburger? Yeah, not so spicy, according to Pegasus.

On the Eats Blog, Leslie and I have started a discussion on pig face. Turns out that we arrived at different determinations on glorious guinciale. I think we can all agree, however, that food is best explored when menus accurately describe what you're eating.

Side Dish checks out the three local breweries that bless the Dallas beer scene. I've tried some Deep Ellum beer (hoppy!) but Peticolas and Lakewood are still on my to-do list.

And Entree Dallas has a sweet photo spread on the Bavarian Grill. That Schnitzel shot is making me seriously hungry. Maybe I should get out of here, go for a run and get ready to eat.

Enjoy your weekend. But don't forget about us. Next week we'll debate the merits of spicy foods (how hot is too hot?), find another killer sandwich and talk football eats.

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Jason Howard
Jason Howard

Everybody has his or her own taste, so we can not change his or her habit.

Krego nana
Krego nana

as guyo who come dis country I mad!  Jack perkins no letty me use terlit.  Crazy gringo thinky he own custodial rights to proper bowel ettiquette.  no

Krego nana
Krego nana

I no care about food!  As a immigrant yeoman farmer, me wanty know why Senior Craig James kilt 5 dead hooker?  And now he el presidente'?  In Korea, kill hoker result in big fine, no becoming el preisdente'. 

Nic Rodriguez
Nic Rodriguez

Guanciale...oh, so amazing.

It's going to sound weird, but I've enjoyed (a few times) crispy guanciale with clover honey. Yowza.

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

Jeepers, I gained a pound just looking at them!  Luckily, no diet is currently in place.  Lunch was:

-Ore Ida Crinkle cut fries (extra crispy.....oil is the key)-Shredded jack cheese melted on top, with bacon bits, diced jalapeno's and sauteed onion.-Smothered in ranch dressing-and a couple of sprinkles of Tabsco.

Dinner will be:-Shredded BBQ chicken on corn tortilla's, with fresh pico and cilantro....maybe some diced apple and bacon.-Oven roasted pot's with carrots, fat free butter and a smidge of lemon.

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

Actually, I've changed the way I feel about Jack Perkins. He's the great owner of Motor & Maple Burgers. The best burgers in Dallas, fer sure! And Jack, I really do love yer terlits. There's room for everyone. I can't believe how fantastic your burgers are. I'll never go to Waddaburger again!

Josh's broken records
Josh's broken records

Watching the Cotton bowl out chere Kergs (Shouldn't be called Cotton Ifn it's not held in the Cotton bowl in my lovely wifeys and my opinion) I stopped on the way home for a michelado and some perty decent nachos at Mercado Juarez.

One more thing, the dang KSUers pretty much took over my beloved stockyards the last couple of days..methinks that Kansans believe in two things: well fed gals and SPF 2000

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