The Stand on McKinney is Open and Has a Crazy Mac Daddy

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The Stand recently opened at 2916 McKinney, just where the street splits to one-way traffic. The name is a reference to a burger or hotdog "stand," and inside two Airstream trailers serve as such. The patio that wraps around the front of the restaurant could be a cool spot to hang on a nice day.

The menu is a field-guide to the glorious and gluttonous side of American junk food, and the Mac Daddy Dog (photo above) just might be the defining item. It starts with a Jumbo Nathan's dog wrapped in bacon, lightly fried with mac n' cheese, topped with chili, cheese and two Tearjerker onion rings all served on a hoagie bun ($5.50).

Other "Doggies" include The Mutt (just a plain old dog), a Dirty Dog (chili and cheese), a Dog Pile (topped with brisket and queso), a Sloppy Dog (Chicago style), Coney Corny Dog, a Brew Brat and a Spicy Brew Brat. All cost around $5.50 and sides are separate.

Standwiches include chicken, falafel, and The Big Cheese (crusty Italian with Brie, Muenster, French fried onions and a fried egg). They also have five different burgers, wings, nachos and pizza all to be washed down with a variety of import and domestic beers or margaritas. Oh, and fried Twinkies.

Parking is in back, so just swing around to the right just after you've passed it on McKinney. They're open late on Friday and Saturday nights.

All Photos By Lauren Drewes Daniels




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That place is really cool and the place is amazing! Finally a place that makes no excuses for great food that IS NOT low on calories.


What BigJonDaniel said:

"The idea is not to love the food, or even love the customers, but to create concepts which can either be grown into chains, or sold off to companies running chains."


If Nathan's brand dogs is the best this place can do, the adios Stand!

Josh's broken records
Josh's broken records

That their Dog pile sounds goody good good! Too bad their in Dallas..Ifn the Fort had a joint like this id be all over it.


@Josh's broken records  

* They're


* I'd

Nic Rodriguez
Nic Rodriguez

The Weinerman is a food truck out in FtW that makes a killer hot dog. Just gotta catch them when they're serving.

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