The Epic Burgers of Dallas, In Pictures

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All photos by Sara Kerens
The Burgundy Pasture Beef burger basket at Local. Comes with gruyere, caramelized onions, tomato, horseradish secret sauce and panko tater tots.
A hundred years ago (in Internet Time), we posted about the epic burgers of Dallas. We return now, at the turn of the year that was supposed to be a zombie apocalypse or something, to update you with burger photos that are currently blowing our socks clean off our feet. Our contributing food photographer genius Sara Kerens, of course, is responsible for photo-ing the meat. (Check out the full slideshow.)

Surely, we'll be updating this slide show throughout the year unless the world ends. Because, let's be honest, only a world-ending phenomenon would stop us from eating cheeseburgers.

The burger at Bolsa, which Sam Sifton once loved with Vermont cheddar

The cheeseburger at Goodfriend

Stackhouse's burger with fried egg, bacon and peppers, meet face

Check out more epic burger shots in Sara Kerens' slide show.

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Scott Reitz
Scott Reitz

This is going to make meatless Monday very, very difficult.

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