303 Bar and Grill is Open in Oak Cliff, and Its Namesake Special Will Eff You Up (Photos)

All photos by Catherine Downes.
The 303 special.
303 Bar and Grill opened last Friday, and by the following Sunday afternoon people were packed into the Oak Cliff joint, eating, drinking beer and watching football. The restaurant is located in an old, renovated house on West Davis and Madison; the owner bought two houses then demolished one for the parking lot, which still doesn't hold more than a handful of vehicles.

303 has an intimate feel, with an interior that isn't much larger than an average-sized living room and is packed with square metal tables and wooden chairs, with enough room for waitstaff to slide between. Identical furnishings fill the expansive wraparound patio.

The decor is eclectic, a mishmash of new and old, almost as if somebody scattered a pile of loot from Dolly Python around the place. Bones, framed vintage photos, books, faux human hands, a vintage telephone, candles and torn up magazines make up the decorative hodgepodge.

The menu is widespread and offers everything from duck-fat fries to an eggplant burger with herb aioli, baby arugula, pickled red onion, roasted tomato on a molasses wheat bun, and kale wraps stuffed with creamy parmesan polenta, fire roasted peppers, seasonal veggies and basil pesto.

And there's the 303 special: a well shot of your choice and a Bud Light for $3.03. Which is a pretty sweet deal considering the cost of drinks at most of the neighboring restaurants. We predict the patio will be packed come spring, especially with a house special like that.

All Photos by Catherine Downes






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Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

After boycotting Ale Gore’s internet web yesterday, I amback in line with the people, thing.  Icalled my boss and informed him that I had had a Skype flair up, and that myReddit was red, and scale ridden!  So Itook the day off and read, like a month and a half of piled up New YorkTime(s)-essess.  Since he doesn’t knowhow to even TURN ON a computer, I was safe in my newspaper, and Taco Buenoinfested haze.  Taco drunk.  Besides, you don’t need computer skills atthe dump, where I work…….you jes gotta have a good front end loader, and match.Ole’.

Kergie Out!

ps-Can you ask 303 if he thinks the Rangers will win more than 88 games in 2012?  I had them at 91 with Ceej.  Here's something food related!  If Prince comes here, Dallas food production will go up 28%?

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