Donuts, Reubens and Dallas' Prettiest Food Blog: This Week In Dallas Dining

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I'm pulling for the Ravens.
When I moved to Texas I was very upset about the weather. Multiple weeks of triple-digit heat and no rain had me begging for relief. I asked everyone if winter was at least mild. No, everyone said. There's ice and it's so cold it burns your skin.

Fortunately you guys are all wusses. This is the best winter of all time. I can't wait to step outside in the t-shirt I'm wearing and get my Friday booze on. But first there's a week to wrap. You guys can pick the lettuce this time.


Did you pick up a print copy of the Observer yet? Seriously you should do it. My Campo review highlights what I think is Dallas' most interesting restaurant (right now), and Lauren's cover story is a must-read.

City of Ate had a good week, too. Justin's sandwich column is becoming a true driver of the Dallas sandwich scene, as his one-off sandwich has made a repeat appearance. Go get one.

Alexander woke up and found a bitchin' donut. Go get those too.

We also found a great buffet, a strange new burger place, and a pop-up restaurant that's about to put down roots.

Remember my lackluster review of Texas Spice? Leslie Brenner didn't like it very much either. She's been doling out a lot of love lately, but she compared Garrison's dumplings to a dish towel. It's nice to have the old Brenner back.

Nancy Nichols, on the other hand, is pretty consistently grumpy. After a Meso Maya meltdown she lays into Zio Ceccio, calling her waiter Goofus and her squid ink spaghetti a bowl of tangled black hair. Poor Goofus. Poor Francesco. I still think you should give the place a go -- just give it more time to iron out those kinks.

Elsewhere on Side Dish there's a sexy first look at Oak. I can't wait to check that one out. Hey Leslie, next week some time?

And in the land of indie blogging...


The Snob has a guide to local links that's definitely worth a look. Full Custom Gospel BBQ has done a lot of legwork, and hopefully it will spur more Dallas restaurants to embrace local ingredients.

With all the Chinese New Year talk, I have to point out this blog. Joylicious is hands down the most visually pleasing blog in Dallas. Go make these shrimp thingamabobs right this second.

The sun is setting, so it's time to get to drinking. Come back next week for sure. There's a cool new Tex-Mex-Ameri-whatever restaurant you need to check out, and we're going to eat a LOT of gyros.

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what is in the picture?  Looks awesome!


In DFW, winter is also called "February."

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

I 'm pulling for the Big Bad Patriots!  You know, that dynasty!?  Balty represents drugs, good footbal and crab cakes; New England represents patriotism, smarts, survival (try spendin' a winter in Gilmanton, NH), and chicken parm.......Pat's by 21!

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

It appears to be a Maryland crab cake....and I detect a bun.  I usually don't have said product on bread, it may detract from the subtle nuances of the crab? 


And May is called Summer.

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

What?  is this that drunk lady down the street with 107 cats; that thinks that lint is soiled, stringy gold-to be collected, and boxed?  

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