Can Trailercakes Save Katy Perry and Russell Brand's Marriage? Probably.

Somehow, Trailercakes will turn this box of crap (and Jack Daniels) into two awesome cupcakes.
Welcome to the return of The Box. Last time, The Grape's Brian C. Luscher turned our box of crap into a badass quail egg terrine. This time the cupcakers at Trailercakes will get a chance to turn a box of WTF into something wonderful.

Here's the challenge, as I sent it to them:

Dear Trailercakes,

Awwww, Russell Brand and Katy Perry are getting divorced. We know. We're shocked, too.

Your task:

Make two cupcakes. One for Russell Brand and one for Katy Perry. Maybe if the cupcakes are good enough, you can save their failed marriage.

These two are Splitsville, unless Trailercakes can save their marriage with delicious cupcakes.
You can add whatever ingredients you want, but you have to find a way to use everything in this box.

Contents of your box:

Actual apples
Dr Pepper Ten
Beef Jerky
Red Vines
Combos (pretzel and cheese)
Pop Tarts (frosted strawberry)
Ring Pops
Nerds (Rainbow)
Kool-Aid (Tropical Fruit)
3/4 bottle Honey Jack Daniels (I was thirsty)

The Box was dropped off Wednesday morning. Next week we'll post their Big-Boobed-Pop-Star-And-What-The-Hell-Does-Russell-Brand-Do-Besides-Walk-And-Talk-Funny-Marriage-Saving creations. Good luck and Godspeed, Trailercakes. We're counting on you. (Sorry about the Combos.)

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sauver son couple
sauver son couple

This is really very interesting blog I was not aware about this. As I believes proper understanding is necessary in any relationship. 

The Credible Hulk
The Credible Hulk

*bah* Let's just ditch Russel Brand and make a cupcake out of Katy Perry.

She's already a Pop-Tart. How hard could it be?


AH! I can't wait to hear how @trailercakes solves this one.  It's sure to be delicious! 


I have five on my desk ... want one?


Geez I don't think I've had a ring pop since  6th grade.


Ring Pops and Big League Chew, 2 things from my childhood, I just cant let go of.

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