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Bridge Bistro (Gumbo)
Kay Agnew and her daughter, Margaux, have opened a new restaurant in the Design District called Bridge Bistro, at 921 North Riverfront. Kay has been part of the Dallas dining scene for more than 25 years. She opened Margaux's (named after her daughter) in 1985 and moved around a few times (eight to be exact). Their last spot was at Turtle Creek and Irving Boulevard, just a bit north of the new spot.

Bridge is an updated version of Margaux's that serves breakfast and lunch. Their chef, Manuel, who has been cooking with them for more than 12 years, made the move with them, and Kay is ever-present in the dining room, chatting with her many loyal friends, family and diners (those lines seem to blur at Bridge).

The new place occupies a corner spot in an old building that has recently received a makeover. Modern floor-to-ceiling windows on two sides contrast with original, dark concrete floors and a few large antique pieces. They are currently rehabbing the upstairs patio, which should one day provide a beautiful rooftop view of downtown and the bridge -- could be a year or so before it's ready, though. And the Twilight Room in the back of the restaurant is a big open space for private parties.

The Agnews kept some of the favorites from the old menu at Marguax's, such as the shrimp and crawfish enchiladas, crawfish etouffee and pasta chadelier. These items are on the lunch menu along with soups, salads, sandwiches and a few more entrees.

The breakfast menu has a few light dishes, including 3 Happy Cows yogurt, steel-cut oats, Empire bagels and house-made marmalades, along with a few heartier meals, including omelets, Manuel's Huevos Rancheros and daily chef specials.

As soon as they get their liquor license (this week or next), they'll be open for brunch on the weekends. Check their Facebook page for frequent updates, including daily chef specials.

When visiting, it's best turn west onto Payne from Riverfront and park in the back of the restaurant. Parking in front is limited and close to traffic.


Bridge Bistro


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I had dinner here this past Friday and it was amazing.  The house salad was exceptional and I'm always surprised when I really like a salad, frankly.  My beef tenderloin was perfectly cooked and seasoned just right.  My friend had pork tenderloin interspersed with apple and it was delicious, too.  Given the quality of the evening and food the bill was practically a give-away.  Well done Kay and Margaux!  


Lunch here with a friend today after reading this review. Kay is an old friend. We go back to when she and Tom were married and she was pregnant with Margeaux. Who, is 26 now and a real help to Kay.

Lunch was very good. Both food and service. Reasonable, too.Soup or salad (with skinny fried onion rings). Crawfish etouffee with delicious corn & squash casserole with corn muffins for $11.00 + Flavored ice tea, tax, and tip. Just may be the best lunch deal in Dallas.

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