A Lunch Buffet That Doesn't Blow: Ali Baba

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Recently I had lunch at Ali Baba Grill in Irving. I'm usually anti buffets, but the lunch all-you-can-eat spread here is actually executed quite well. They're good at rotating in new stuff so, for the most part, the food stays fresh and warm. And if you want flavor without the nap-inducing carb overload, they have a ton of salad and veggie dishes.

For the number of different dishes offered, most of them are well done. The standouts include the thyme pie, roasted chicken, tabouli salad and curry chicken. They also include all the standards: piles of pita bread, moussaka, lamb, and dolma. And there are ample sauces: hummus, babaganoush, garlic and cucumber.

The lunch crowd is mostly groups of casual business diners, and the place can get packed at high-noon. The help-yo'self set-up makes it quick, if needed. But hanging out at a table, avoiding going back to the cubicle, is easy too.

The buffet is $10 and a drink is $2. It's a pretty good bang for your buck for a flavorful lunch.

Salad Plate - Round 1

Round 2

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I'm assuming this is a sister outpost of the Lakewood location?  When I have the lunch buffet there, I generally don't eat again for about 36 hours, much like a snake that eats a whole pig.


I know the "in the know" folks prefer Afrah, which I do like, but as far as lunch buffets go, Ali Baba takes it, no contest. I could eat at this place every day.

The zaatar bread, kibbe, cauliflower, gyro meat and kofta are all great. Hummus is pretty top-notch too, especially for a buffet. In fact, the only hummus I like more is my own.


I have loved Ali Baba for perhaps ten years. Their intensely garlic-laced food does guarantee a happy little food coma though, so watch out. Even if you attempt to stick to salad and veggies, you will likely fail and succumb to the delicious zaatar bread, baba ghannouj and potatoes. Nighty night!


I enjoyed the curry there and the food always warm and fresh.  I give it 2 merkin hairs up

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