Avila's Off-Menu Shrimp Tacos: An Appreciation

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Catherine Downes
On Thursday afternoon, a blackboard out front of Avila's Mexican Restaurant boasted -- in bright pink and blue chalk -- an enchilada lunch special. After being seated, and having chips and salsa thrust at me, I nearly ordered the enchiladas, but was swayed when I noticed another chalk board in the back of the dining room with the words "shrimp taco special" etched on it.

The tacos came served on either corn or flower tortillas (I chose flour). They were packed with bite-sized sautéed shrimp and smothered with lettuce, pico de gallo -- that had a healthy amount of diced, fresh jalapeno peppers in it -- and cheddar cheese.

Two tacos came out on a large plate with a slab of black beans and rice and three small stainless steel sauce vessels, one with guacamole, one with salsa and another with sour cream sauce (sour cream with pico de gallo mixed in).

My server explained that while shrimp tacos are nowhere on the menu, they're frequently featured, along with several other off-the-menu items. Keep an eye on that chalkboard.

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Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

Dude, yummy!  If'n I "be havin" anything thrust at me, let it be chips and salsa. That pulsating bowl of pounded delight, whispering in my sainted ear, like a night in heaven.   AND those salty, sultry chips, undressed, round and undulating-mmmmmmmmmmm.  Dude.

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