Piglet Alert: Crispy Pig Ears Spotted at Campo

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Back in August, I wrote about RedFork's snout to tail plate, and lamented the lack of offal on Ryan Carbery's menu. The chef told me a head cheese terrine was received with mixed reviews; customers were more likely to order it when he called the charcuterie a pork pate. Shame. Head cheese is a wonderful dish that showcases rich flavors and fresh herbs, and utilizes parts of an animal that might otherwise end up in the waste bin.

I also wished for crispy pig ears with a dash of lime -- a request that drew ire from one commenter. "Crispy pig ears? Oy, pass the Pepto Bismol," wrote Miss Macy.

I've been scanning menus ever since and haven't seen pig ears anywhere in Dallas, save a few Chinese restaurants in Richardson (I did not enjoy them). Now I've found this, courtesy of Campo's Facebook page ...

Campo pig ears.jpg
Campo's Facebook page

Looks pretty good, no? I might ding Matt McCallister on what looks like a slightly noisy preparation, but I've yet to try the plate. Hopefully all those other ingredients (parsley stems, candied kumquat, radish, citron according to the menu) won't wilt the pig ear's crunchy texture. Still, I applaud McCallister for adding something off the beaten path to his menu. Interesting cooking at Campo.

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I had them last night.  A fantastic preparation!  Get there.


One suggestion for pig ear preparation, go to Royal Sichuan in Richardson near the belt line and greenville.Sliced paper thin and covered with chili oil. It's not on the menu, you have to walk to the cold cuts spread that you can order by the small plate.

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