La Duni's Ice Cream: Cinco Times Better Than the Quatro Leches

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photo by foodbitch
Toasted almond ice cream at La Duni
In Happy Endings, foodbitch goes on the hunt for Dallas' unsung and unsurpassed desserts. Today: the ice creams at La Duni.

La Duni may be famous for its intensely beautiful and equally delicious cakes, but, at least for me, the restaurant's simple, homemade ice cream is where it's at. Recently, I stopped in for some espresso and sugary sustenance between fighting crowds, exhaustion and possibly pepper spray. And it wasn't even Black Friday. Okay, yes it was. I'm so ashamed.

"Just ice cream?" your server might ask with surprise when you order a lone scoop, but stay strong and reply in the affirmative, and you will be rewarded with sweet, sweet perfection in your choice of flavors.

The menu lists the following: Mexican vanilla bean, chocolate truffle, dulce de leche, toasted almond, Texas pecan, caramelized pistachio, toasted coconut, roasted banana, white chocolate and strawberry & cream. Not all flavors will be available on every visit, a sure sign that whatever you do receive will be fresh and awesome.

photo by foodbitch
Go ahead, order another. We won't tell ...
My advice is to select a flavor you might not ordinarily order. The roasted banana will remind you of how delicious fruit can be. The chocolate truffle is sex on a spoon, and don't even give me any of your excuses about not liking coconut. La Duni's will change your mind. On my last visit I tried the toasted almond. I wanted to take it home with me. In a dirty way.

If you absolutely must order something fancy and over-indulgent at La Duni (we've all been there, some of us numerous times), allow me to suggest the Warm Milk Chocolate Bread Pudding. It's a spectacular number also overshadowed by the towering cakes at La Duni, but one so mind-blowing you probably won't be able to get up for a while. Picture this: soft, vanilla cake baked in chocolate custard and topped with cool vanilla bean ice cream and three steaming hot dessert sauces perfect for pouring over the entire dish, or sipping like a really good tequila, whichever you prefer. I certainly won't judge you.

But yeah, stick to the ice cream. Because it is, in culinary parlance, amazeballs.

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I like this. A lot. Really want ice cream now. But I'm almost house-drunk and can't leave.

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