Won't You Be My Neighbor, Goodfriend?

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Sara Kerens
When is a burger joint more than a burger joint? When it's a damn good bar, too. While burger restaurants have been popping up around town like meth labs in East Texas, many aren't the type of place you can put in a solid session on a bar stool.

Not so at Goodfriend, the new beer garden and burger house that opened two months ago in East Dallas. This is a bar where you can sit and drink away an afternoon, snacking on passable bar food and chomping on one of Dallas' better burgers. The patio is nice, and the bar is comfortable, and if you're lucky enough to snag a seat on one of the worn and comfortable couches, you can spend the afternoon watching football and pretending your in your uncle's 1950's living room. There's even someone to pick up your empties and keep your glasses full.

While I was researching this week's review, I sat at Goodfriend's bar an entire weekend, talking to regulars and newcomers alike and lamenting the space wasn't just a touch closer to my home. If it were, I'd have my new local pub for sure.

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Goodfriend Beer Garden and Burger House

1154 Peavy Road, Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

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Gus Mitchem
Gus Mitchem

I get the feeling that people that live in the same neighborhood for twenty years are just getting to know each other because of this joint, Definintly filled a gap


Loved this place, but be forewarned, the Pepper Bomb is not to be taken lightly. WAY hotter than I expected, and hotter than I cared for.

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

Well Hello tollway tramps, patio douchers, extreme f+ckers with tat's and piercings, lazy Gen Z'er's, food snobs, #ssholes, dweebs and TO supporters (with "popcone" ready, and 911 on speed dial).

FOODDICK here, with subtle observation(s):

1) Why is IHOP now charging like 9 bucks an entree?  Dear IHOP, we go to your lovely mauve faux finish sheen induced palace to drunkenness for:

-Cheap, greasy non creative sh+t you can eat at 3 AM.

2) How is The Fan still on air?  OMFG, I listened for a half hour, and my ears ruptured vile swearing puss because of:-Banal, stupid points stolen from Norm, or Galloway. -Callers from East Texas either that were either drunk, or been kicked in the head via horse.

3) How to fix the US Postal System:-Dude fly's by my house when a car is within 20 feet of my mailbox.  So, first thing is, stop at EVERY house!-Five day a week delivery.  -Regular mail postage should be $1.00.  Who the hell mails anything anymore?-Cut those insane government benefits.......I'm thinking about applying at the DMV so I can get a great pension, and sick days!

FOODDICK Approved Products:-Gold Bond-American Standard-Scott TP-Jake's Burgers and Booze-Gruene Hall-Shlitterbahn-Red Sox-Bruins-Patriots-Johnsonville Brats-Budlight-Half Price Books-Hunter S. Thompson-Colorado (the southern part, where they don't dress up like Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber)


This sounds like such a great hangout spot! Thanks Scott.

Margie Hubbard
Margie Hubbard

I totally agree.  Every time we're there we either see someone we know or meet someone new from the neighborhood.  It's an excellent bar.  Exactly what we needed and what my husband has been praying for for years!

Kergo Titanium Lights
Kergo Titanium Lights

Hey Allie,    Tone down the positive.  The only people that are THAT happy are youth ministers, and people selling Direct TV.  Oh yeah, and employee's at Ci Ci's......ever wonder why they don't even acknowledge you when you come in the front door; but, scream "goodbye" from 150 yards when your leaving?  Hmmmmm?  See below.  I feel like FOODDICK has a question!?

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