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Get lit with this drinking fountain from Nostalgia Electrics.
It's getting late. There are only eight shopping days left before Christmas. If you're doing your shopping online, you should blow off work the rest of the day and get to it. We've compiled a list to guide you. These unique items will give the impression you searched far and wide.

1. Lighted Drinking Fountain (above)
Some may call this drink chandelier "illuminated" or "magical." I call it "classy." Filled with your favorite flavor of Kool-Aid, Uptown party guests will never be parched with this three-tiered cascading fountain of glory. Here it is demonstrated in front of a sparkling icicle-like curtain on Rodeo Drive. Nice touch. From just $19 on Amazon.

Gama-Go Buddha Butter Dish
2. Buddha Butter Dish.
Buttering your biscuit will never be the same. The kids at Real Simple nailed it when they included this gift on their list of "Unique Gift Ideas for Anyone." With his salacious pose and mocking suppleness, butter and Buddha has never been so enticing. $29.98 through

My Saucy Mustache
3. Saucy Mustache Beer Markers.
Never again mistakenly drink your mono-prone friend's cootie beer with these mustache-shaped beer markers, which are now available in a festive six-pack of holiday colors for $6 at My Saucy Mustache on Etsy.

I Love Bacon pet hat from Lick You.
4. Bacon Hat
This bacon hat is a party for a dog's head. Even a pooch owner would appreciate this homage to the mutually favorite food of both man and man's best friend. This is the best $9 you'll spend all season. Find it at Lick You on Etsy.

Erin Berzel Photography
A six pack strap-on for your two-weehled self-propeled transport device.
5. Bike Beer Tote Thingy
After Esquire featured this item on their list of "Best Gifts for under $25," this small company's cup runneth over and they are no long filling Christmas orders. But that's the glory of gift certificates. Include a picture and extend the excitement of the holiday season.

Please note that, yes, you can get a DUI on a bike. Walk it home. Also, be mindful of that front brake lest you turn your bike into something like a bucking bull at the rodeo with a six-pack of glass between your legs. Not funny. (Unless you're watching the theatrics unfold from a safe distance.) $22 at WalnutStudiolo on Etsy.

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I like the caption: strap-on and self-propelled in the same sentence.


I guess with some of these gifts on your list I need to go and make friends with some hipster douches. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Nic Rodriguez
Nic Rodriguez

That beer tote would look great on my fixie!

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

Bacon hat-nuff said!  The only thing better would be an +ss ashtray (a womans arse!).  

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