Easy Foodie Gifts That Involve Whiskey, Marshmallows and Capes

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Geek Ever After
I hate it when people get all pansy about last-minute shopping. We're still four days out. It's 2011. We can make so much happen in one hour it's mind-boggling. "Last minute" is on the drive over you run in any place that's open and buy a gift certificate or print something off the Internet just as someone says, "Can we open presents now?"

So these aren't hasty gift ideas for the panicked. It's a list of ideas for those who want to get it over with, are running low on funds and need to get creative.

Pictured above: Jell-O shots are classy and a great gift. Wrap them up and stick them in the fridge. I have at least one gift in the ice box every year (usually bacon). Jell-O shots don't have to be indicative of halter-tops and ironed hair though. Geek Ever After has raised the bar.


Mason jars are so nostalgic and locavor-ish. Maybe. Sure you could make your own ranch dressing (or anything for that matter) and imply it's homemade. Or! Just put the store bought stuff in, then at Christmas dinner ask everyone repeatedly, "It tastes like the real stuff, amIright!?"


A Step In The Journey
This is from Laura Beth's blogspot. These are fun. I mean, who could not smile while making, giving, receiving and eating reindeer marshmallow pops?


Truly Custom Cakery

Melting snowmen cookies with a creative note, like "I melt for you," or "You're so hot you melt my cookies" would be awesome at an office Christmas party.


Confessions of a Cookbook Queen
Candy Cane Stirrers. Why didn't we think of that?


Endless Simmer
Whiskey. Bacon. Caramel. Marshmallows. Chocolate.
No other words would do justice. Thank you, Endless Simmer.

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Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

I gave "me" mother in law a ham, glasses with snowmen on them , and a day where I ask her (reverse whip) about her life-every five minutes. POW.


how about bacon covered donuts!  I just saw this exists on twitter.  I need some now

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