Cow Peas For New Year's: You Gonna Eat That?

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Yesterday I wrote about a New Year's tradition based on German heritage, which is applicable considering the strong German population in the Dallas area. (Remember when Oktoberfest blew my mind a little?) But this post considers a tradition a little more native to Texas, and perhaps all of the Southeast. I'm talking about black-eyed peas.

You might call them cow peas, depending on where you were raised. Originally cultivated to fatten up cattle for your New Year's rib roast, they eventually became a popular component of soul food, hijacking dishes like Hoppin' John and Texas Caviar like little one-eyed bandits.

And on New Year's for many, black-eyed peas stand in for potatoes alongside cabbage for the starch in a traditional good luck meal. You might add a little ham hock (I hope you do), but the idea's the same: the more you eat, the better the next year. That's if you can get them at all.

According to Fox News out of Memphis, black-eyed peas could actually be in peril. The story claims you'll have better luck booking The Black Eyed Peas for a New Year's Party than finding a single black-eyed pea for New Year's day. Sounds extreme. I called Central Market and they've got plenty in stock. Urban Market has dried and canned beans stocked, but no fresh beans. Kroger on Cedar Spring has all three.

These shortage stories always put a little knot in your gut. They make you feel like if you don't run out the door immediately to buy an essential ingredient your holiday will be ruined. This year's drought, however, has been affecting all sorts of crops and prices and will continue to do so into the next year. Maybe play it safe? You best get to gettin' and pick up your peas tonight.

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Josh's broken records
Josh's broken records

Yeppers, we'll be enjoying some Texas caviar this weekend..been eating the black eyes since I was wee lad out there in East Texas hunting bears with me bare hands..I reckon I'll continue to do so.

Cow Peas must be a yankee term Scott, never heard it meself.

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

Black eyed pea's?  Meh.  

 Dear TW, JD, Mary, and all OTHER URBAN HIPSTERS, 

ENJOY!  Have fun putting bars on the "winders", crappy schools and bums puking on street corners. Maybe that's why Dallas City is dying?  Can ya'll pass me some of that corruption ya'll got in city government.......or how about you pass me some of them GIANT potholes ya'll "cain't" or won't fix.  

Kergie out hipster nuts......being cool is cool when you live among killer murderous gangs. 

Me-walking down the greenbelt with my kid and the dogs

You-afraid to go outside, and being hip. 

Top 5 High Lonesome Songs:1) If you were a bluebird-Joe Ely2) The Last Waltz-R. Crowell3) Desperado-Uncle Don4) Let it Be Me-Phil and Don5) Southwind of Summer-Flatties I know ya'll don't like HL, cause it's not hip, and said players don't wear tat's and fedora's, but try it out.  Bill Monroe? Louvin Brothers? 

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

That's what I comments.  Boy, that is a first!  The numbers are before you all (like a "pitture") , and you look at how NASTY Dallas is-and no comment?!   POW. Victory.  

Lain in Little Elm
Lain in Little Elm

Dera Kergo,    Yeah, our streets are shitty, our schools broken, our "gubment" corrupt.....who WOULDN'T want to live hera? 

ps-any night you could get "kilt" by a gang is fun, and hip!  Go fedora's, tats and piercings1

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