Company Cafe's Second Location is Open, and She's a Looker (Photos)

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Lauren Drewes Daniels
Company Café's second location is open, in a renovated building tucked behind Texas de Brazil alongside the Katy Trail. Its modern design is coupled with vintage flare where patchwork walls made from old barn wood contrasts with contemporary pieces, like metal chairs and bar stools. The warm lighting and natural elements give it a rustic vibe. And 20 picnic tables spread out in front of the restaurant make for a great outdoor spot.

Food-wise, it's the same concept as the original Company Café on Greenville, which opened earlier this year. The menu focuses on natural, fresh comfort food with an organic twist. They source locally whenever they can. Dinner dishes include chicken and waffles served with a side of real maple syurp, grass fed half-pound burgers and braised short ribs. There are also a few new additions like rock shrimp tacos, and smoked fish and meats from the in-house wood smoker.

All of the dining tables were custom made with repurposed wood by Homestead Heritage in Elm Mott, Texas. With special attention to so many details, like the small succulent plants in old tin cans and vintage Edison light bulbs, the inside is full of character.

Here are some more photos.




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How to open a cafe
How to open a cafe

 The place looks good. It certainly offers a relaxing and fun atmosphere with good food and coffee.

bespoke kitchens
bespoke kitchens

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Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

Can you imagine being "Company Cafe", and you get online to see what kind of good pub you got from being in the DO; AND, all you see is comments about sh+tting, and swingers!  Ole'!

ps-Post these comments on the wall of the bathroom, and see what happens. 


That used to be a swingers bar, fyi...

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

Kergo's/FOODDICK's Recommendation of the Day:

Use REGULAR Scott bathroom toilet paper if you want a healthy toilet......most any other brand will give you trouble if yer a "heavy user".  I once destroyed a septic tank by flushing an economy brand TP down the "limited use" terlit.  What a piece of property that was!  After a while, my wife made me go into the woods to do my MANLY bidness.  Imagine how uncomfortable it is doin' "mans work" when it's 28 degrees, and raining?  Then the USA Today's getting all wet; uy vay!

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