Cavalli's Prosciutto Panini is Certifiably Worth the Trip

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Each week, Justin Bitner goes hunting for DFW's most interesting sandwiches. Have a sandwich suggestion? Leave it in the comments and he'll check it out.

Venue: Cavalli

Sandwich: Prosciutto Panini

Bread: Pizza dough

Toppings: Prosciutto, basil, tomatoes, "fresh" mozzarella, olive oil

The Case: 'Wich Trials goes stripping once again this week, this time hitting a linear congregation of shops out in Irving. A devoted reader of the blog, Claire Peters, took to the mean streets of Facebook to recommend noted pizza joint Cavalli. The place is known for being a Verace Pizza Napoletana Association (VPN) certified pie maker, which I was assured of when I walked in the door and saw the masked clown testing the laws of gravity at the foothills of Vesuvius.

I approached the cashier and placed my order, asking the cashier if they made their "fresh" mozzarella in-house. "Do we make the mozzarella?" she replied, as if the mild cheese is some naturally occurring element, like diamonds or cadmium, which couldn't possibly be fabricated with human hands.

With my hard-hitting interrogation coming up empty, I took my number and snagged a chair. It wasn't long until I was greeted with an enormous pile of meat, cheese and tomato with two beautifully charred sheets of pizza dough holding it all together. The sandwich was accompanied by a small salad with creamy balsamic dressing, which I quickly dispensed of before moving on to the crux of the dish.

The first bite of the sandwich was a little tough; I'd forgotten that cooked pizza dough has a little bit more pull than the typical baked bookend. I moved through the initial taste and onto what was an incredibly satisfying sandwich. The equi-thick layers of prosciutto, mozzarella and tomato allowed each flavor to take a turn at commanding the palate. The few leaves of basil and light coat of olive oil added the perfect accents to cut through the delicate cheese and crimson fruit. The pizza dough, stringently prepared and fired, brought an excellent woody flavor while also resisting the tomato's attempts to make it soggy.

The Verdict: Leave your questions at the door and check out the Prosciutto Panini.

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Cavalli Pizza

3601 Regent Blvd., Irving, TX

Category: Restaurant

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Cavalli's rocks, BEST Panini, BEST PIZZA, and great service! They are the hidden secret of DFW, they were the first and are the BEST Neapolitan Pizza place around!


If you like that, check out the Breakfast Pannini at Il Cane Rosso, but you'll have to get it on Saturday because that's the only day they serve brunch.

Titus Groan
Titus Groan

That sandwich looks full-release-massage good.

I've been trying to go there, but every time I'm out in Irving, the restaurant's been closed.


That is a fine looking sandwich.  Good work, Justin.  And thank you Foodbitch for the parmesan chicken suggestion.


I can also personally recommend their chicken parm sandwich. It's intensely good and big enough to stretch into two meals if you're cheap. 


Thank you Justin, we love the article! 


Great place, great food and people and service is wonderful. Never disappoints. Deliciosa!


Love that place and we are never disappointed! Deliciosa! Wonderful people and service as well.


Actually, both ICR locations serve brunch on Saturday *and* Sunday. Deep Ellum closes on Sunday at 3, but White Rock is open until 9 on Sundays.

Cavalli Pizza
Cavalli Pizza

We are open in Irving: Mon-Fri 11am-3pm & 5pm-9pm Sat & Sun 5-9pmMcKinney is open: Mon-Thurs 11:30am-3pm & 5-9pm Fri & Sat. 11:30-3pm& 5-10pm and Sunday 5-9pm.


Steve's Big Point of the Week:

I like sandwiches, and men.

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

Welcome tothe first Installment of “Fooddick”,

      Where my complete ineptness leads me touse copious amounts of swear words, and very often blue language, to push mybanal points across to the non suspecting reader.


Today Ivisited Whataburger /A Review:

-The Frieswere scratchy, and hurt the back of my throat. The lady cook said “stand back burrito”, waved her arms, and made astrange buzzing noise.  Burger was a goodyum-thank you.  The place was very nicetoday.  It was cold outside, but nice insidetoday.  The burger was lovely and hadhints of being cooked on a flat griddle today. Today.  The fat guy sitting next to me was mumbling,“I am insane Chuck”, so I left today………3.75 stars. Thank you today.


Went toJack’s Burger Joint this week,   and Iwas very disappointed that the establishment employed a Kohler toilet, insteadof the preferred American Standard.  Ilike the AS Executive Model, because it is able to evacuate giant executiveturds with ease…….I once lost a newspaper and a ham sandwich on rye to such ahungry, non loving beast. 


FYI-Californiatoilets are great if you like to flush like 30 times.  I once had to employ cowboy boots, a pick ax,and an M-80 to unclog a feral and renegade monster that invaded my mother inlaws “terlit”, with a house full of company. 


Later this week in FOODDICK, weattempt to open a can of yams with a winter ham; and observe that lady with theoxygen tank who smokes in front of Walmart.

ALSO, is the mullet making acomeback with Asian housewives, and trannies?

Helpful Note: From the Home Office in Broken Bow, Oklahoma.

Did you all know that the famed Southfork Ranch is in ParkerCounty, Texas?


  Kergo/Provisional Governor of The Caddo Province


Also this week in FOODDICK:


10 Irritating Voices-

-Acme Brick Brad Thomas

-Nick Namis-Tax Attorney

-Henry Lewis in Canton

-Avery Air guy, with a special prize for that cheesy symphony musicplaying in the background

-The Shah and Choppy

-Emmitt Smith

-Justin Frizell

-The lady at the DMV who looks totally not motivated, but makes like 70grand a year

-The lady at Sam’s who tries to sell me Direct TV.


Ps-Handsdown, the worst is that older guy that tries to sell me a Sunroom every time Ileave Sam’s.  Is it bad that the lasttime I acted like I was deaf-pointing to my ears and shaking my head like Icouldn’t hear anything?



Funny Thingsto Say to a Boss:


-My ballsreally hurt, can I go home?

-Is thatyour wife? 

-Are those yourkids, they look like they need safety helmets!

-I can’t work;I have “a howwible gaoonawea” (spoken like the guy that owns the beer store onthe corner)

-Do you havea secondary toilet I can use?


Top SeafoodDishes:


-Brown Trout(skin on), cooked on a plank-over a campfire

-Cajun Crabcakes(crabmeat, jalapenos, Tabasco, a touch of mayo to bind, breadcrumbs)

-LobsterRoll (on a fresh baked bun)

-Tuna SoftTaco’s (corn tortillas, cilantro, pico w/ranch drizzle)

-Buttered GarlicShrimp-on a bed of angel hair pasta (freshly grated parm), with a white wineclam sauce.



The TimTebow story is greatness; just awesome, and inspiring. You can’t write a betterscript-and I wish him all the success he can muster.  He is pure determination, grit andwill…….HOW, can you not love that? How? 


Ps-Thank youGarretttop, for icing our own kicker. This team reminds me of the 1980’s Yankee’s, that were so enamored withstardom, and the brand, that they didn’t even consider winning. 


Kergie out.




Fooddick, i personally like to dredge trout lightly in Lamb's cornmeal and saute in butter.  You can go filleted (especially for the larger trout) or butterflied.  Works for both the freshwater browns and the barrier island speckleds.  I personally prefer the speckled.

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

The only thing I am writing is the "Kergo Book".......I'm about 120 pages in.  It is a compilation of recipes, death sciences and random prose. Oh yeah, and travelin' stories!

Fred in Frisco
Fred in Frisco

Thank you FOODDICK! And DO, and the advertisers thank you. When did you become a staff writer?

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