Booze Booze Booze Tacobots: This Week In Dallas Grubbing

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Ouch. Remember that whole Bar 828 thing in Oak Cliff? Seems like a distant memory. While milling around out back of the event, I asked a bartender (details fuzzy for obvious reasons) his best hangover cure. He told me a gin and tonic water poured over a couple of alka-seltzer tablets with some bitters. I could use a little of that today. But first there's a week to wrap. And what a boozy week it was.

Catherine Downes shot a whole season's worth of warming cocktails, and I just dropped in a little winter number myself. Chesterfield opened this week , and we checked it out. We stopped by the new Bolsa Mercado, too.

Meso Maya was the subject of this week's review. I liked Nico Sanchez's hand made tortillas. I liked his enchiladas, too. Authenticity be damned, I think the place is a pretty good restaurant.

Elsewhere on City of Ate the Fieri fire faded this week, but not before we learned Cane Rosso is set for expansion. Jay Jerrier is blowing up his Deep Ellum location. He's looking for new spots as well.

Our newest contributor, Alexander Nham, waxed on about a gritty breakfast dive. I hope he stays as hungry as I have.

And we boxed Brian Luscher. It's kind of like Punking -- only with Vienna Sausages and Natty Light.

Over at the News, Leslie Brenner reviewed the Pyramid, awarding four stars. She also did a quick number on Matt McCallister's menu at Campo. If the food is as innovative as Brenner describes, you should really get over there. Soon. Dallas needs more restaurants like this, and he won't be there forever.

SideDish posted a few drink recipes with some nice pictures. Go on and pretend like you're going to make them. But the write-up on Zato really caught my eye. I love Asian food and BYOB. Prosecco is perfect.

The Escape Hatch dropped news of the second Nosh's new chef. Norman Grimm will work in the Plano location. Hiller highlights his impressive pedigree.

Entree Dallas has a killer post on Lockhart's big-ass beef ribs. They show you the process beginning to end in pictures, while interviewing pitmaster Tim McLaughlin. Go check it out.

And the Tacobots are back at CraveDFW, with their five favorite gourmet tacos. A year-end photo of the taco army makes the group seem like a fun bunch. I kinda want to be a tacobot, but I've got other eating to do.

Next week I hit up the Marquee Grill for some fancy eats. And I suppose it's time we start talking about the holidays. Let's all sort out the best way to celebrate New Year's together, and then we can debate Dallas' best Chinese restaurants for the sake of the Tribe's Christmas ritual. But go out and warm yourself up with a few dozen winter drinks first.

See ya Monday?

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Josh's broken records
Josh's broken records

See ya Monday, Scott.

What's your thoughts on the Cowboys this weekend? Chances of actually being in on Yu?

Fixing to have a bit of the bacon Spam with noodles and lots of beer..out of cheetoes, so may have some nacho chips and salsa as an app.

Stay Hard CoA!


You should try some bacon wrapped Cheetos! They're simply divine and if you partake in this simple suggestion; may I also recommend a nice Mickeys to wash it down with! Cheers

Josh's broken records
Josh's broken records

That's raycess, everyone knows that prosciutto wrapped cheetoes is the preferred appetiza. (The Big Mouth has been tasted, not in 20 years or so..don't knock it)

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