Deep Ellum Urban Gardens Could be Hours Away from a Big Donation

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Dallas girl Lindsey Cook is in a tight race with Mary Edwards from California as the fan favorite in the Aetna Healthy Food Fight -- a fight that could mean a nice influx of cash for the Deep Ellum Urban Gardens.

In case you missed it, through a contest at the State Fair, Cook was chosen to go to New York for a healthy food cook-off in Times Square. And if she wins the Fan Favorite Contest through online voting, Aetna will donate $10,000 to a food-based charity of her choice, which for Cook is the Deep Ellum Urban Garden.

It's a win-win-win. Yes, you have to register on the site to vote. But, it takes no more than one minute and you won't receive any crazy email.

Voting ends today. Go.

Current Standings (5 p.m. Update)
Mary Edwards from Pomona: 5,520 5930
Lindsey Cook from Dallas: 5,213 5581
Rob Tu from Philadelphia: 2,184 2199
Merry Graham from Atlanta: 1,464 1468

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Numbers are updated. Good news is, we covered our spread from this morning. Bad news, she got another 400. VOTE!

Jasmine Donnell
Jasmine Donnell

Please share with your friends and family as well. We need ALL the support we can get!

Paula Ramirez
Paula Ramirez

Hey guys voting ends tomorrow at vote then vote again tomorrow morning...THANKS! 


I signed up and voted last week. I can vouch for that: no spam e-mails.

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