The Ten Most-Read City of Ate Stories of 2011

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We made it. Another year of writing, bitching and photo-taking, primarily centered around stuffing our faces. Only a few days remain before we strap ourselves in and start the whole process again. Before we welcome 2012, though, let's take a look at what we've done with 2011. Here are City of Ate's 10 most popular posts of the year's past, as decided by our readers with bazillions if mouse clicks.

Look what an under-sexed fast-food obsessed gadgety bunch of trans-fat geeks you guys are.

10. Dallas' Five Best Burgers
As much as some of you readers liked to bitch about the new guy picking best of anything, you clicked our burger post nearly to death. And then almost of a hundred readers chimed in with their own lists in the comment stream. Don't worry. This is the only best list you'll see in this year-end round-up.


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9. The Most Idiotic Beer Inventions And Innovations Of All Time
Our very own Hophead picks on needless beer gadgetry. Glad I didn't buy anyone a beer helmets or Miller Lite this year from Christmas.


8. Miss Turkey and The Top Five Shameless Carl's Jr. Ads
OK. This one I get.


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7. We Gave The Grape's Brian Luscher a Big Box of Crap and He Made Us a Quail Egg Terrine
When Alice pitched this idea, Joe and I were speechless. Turns out you guys liked the idea too. Tune in next year for more of the Alice Laussade Box Blog, including marshmallows and live furry animals.



6. Woman Cries Over In-N-Out Burger. This is Getting Weird.

This is the video I watched from my desk in D.C. while I tried to decide whether I should come to Dallas and eat myself to death. I think this is when I decided to pull the trigger.


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5. Drink with Harrison Ford Forever with Han Solo in Carbonite Ice Cube Tray
Look, I get it. And I liked Star Wars, too. But fifth most popular post of the year? Either you guys are nerds or the Internet got a hold of this one. I'm thinking the latter.


Thumbnail image for KFCbaconbowl.jpg
4. The 10 Worst Fast Food Trends of 2011
We will never get over our love of our own misfortune.


Thumbnail image for StuftBK_BKBigFishShake.jpg
3. Five More Stuffed Burger King Foods to Follow the New BK Stuffed Steakhouse Burger
Leave it to Nick Rallo to turn a burger peppered with hunks of peppers and cheese into a perverted menu including fish and strawberry milkshakes and chicken fry pie.


2. You'll Need to Trenta-Stomach: What Else Starbucks' New Cup Can Hold
I once held a trenta-sized cup against my stomach and wondered how it was possible for humans to consume such a thing. Where does it all go? I do the same thing with large beer steins when I'm drunk. Here the visualization is ten times as gross. If you can drink a whole Trenta, you can also eat 75 lil' smokies


Thumbnail image for drpepperjapan.jpg
1. Dr Pepper in Japan Looks Darn Exciting
This is mildly depressing. While Lauren and I write about great restaurants, and Alice finds Dallas' stellar cheap eats, the internet is going insane for a can of Dr Pepper with some anime on it.

So that's it. Till Next Year, anyway. After a quick Lettuce Wrap-Up we're shutting down City of Ate till next year, when we'll be permanently re-branded as fast-food shock site. Be sure to check out our future stories about swimming pools full of Taco Bell guacamole and see what happens when Alice puts Cool Whip and a comic book in a box and blows it up.

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Hey guyys, i like the fact that nearly all the top 10 were posted to CoA post whitt firing. Sporty commenters,take pride in knowing we drove the shit out of some interwebs click numbers and droe this top 10 list. Mr Tone and the CoA writers, thanks for having us. Good morning to ya

Josh's broken records
Josh's broken records

Meh..(I still want to punch old In and Out chick on her taint...It ain't that effing great)


Aw, I'm sorry for being a dick.   Not saying I have the power to stop, though.

Let's lay off the In-and-Out lady, she's probably having a memory of her youth.  Last summer I teared up with the first slug of an Olympia at a shitbag bar in Eugene.  It was my Dad's favorite beer.   #TheySayStevesHeartGrewThreeTimesItsSizeThatDay

Eustace J Beauregard
Eustace J Beauregard

>Either you guys are nerds or the Internet got a hold of this one.

Those internet nerds drove your page views. Be glad they got a hold of it otherwise it'd just be another post devoid of original content.


Don't be making promises you're not gonna keep! At least use Taco Bueno guac, it's pretty good and they're local. Geez.

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

We "done" it question!  This thing was an aching, wind swept graveyard before we came up "in heara". Now let's make it happen again in 2012.  Salute'.

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