At Dude, Sweet, Fifteen Pounds of Bacon Fat, One Interesting Cookie

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Got home late Monday night and saw the following post on Facebook from the chocolate wizards at Dude, Sweet:

Dude, Sweet Facebook

After breaking the sound barrier on I-35, I arrived at Dude, Sweet and desperately asked: "Are there any bacon fat cookies left?" There were. Checking out, the Dude, Sweet worker referred to the cookie's savoriness as "bacon sandwich-like" -- the result of, according to Dude, Sweet's Facebook, a mass bacon-fat exodus from the owner's fridge.

Well, let me tell you readers: this cookie is no accident. It is a Shellyian monster. A Mike Tyson-ear-bite-intense shock of a bacon bar. There are few things in the world that smell less of bacon. King Bacon of Baconus would support the mass distribution of this cookie to the little bacon people. Of this I am certain.

Just opening the bag released a scent: the jar of bacon fat you keep under the sink for pancakes. Scott Reitz, resident pig consumer, described the scent and flavor:

"It's as if a pig sat on your face and farted."

Thing is, it's not weird. Or bad. This cookie is something of a stunner. Deep chocolate flavor, a hint of a peanut butter, and so, so much fucking bacon: Just hope there's some left when you get to Oak Cliff (if we haven't bought every last one).

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Dude, Sweet Chocolate

408 W. 8th St., Dallas, TX

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No to sure about the pig fart comment, but everything Katherine makes is a sensory over load of all the good stuff you ever experienced in childhood,... in one bite.


If you  get on Dude, Sweet's facebook page and follow Katherine always does a blast when something new comes out! You will never miss out on the awesomeness she makes again!


Actually this makes me feel a little queasy and I love pig.

Jose Ralat Maldonado
Jose Ralat Maldonado

Dude, Sweet is a wonderland laboratory whose creations convert those of us not fond of chocolate.

Nick R.
Nick R.

Haha, that sounded like a quote from a dust jacket.


mother fucker, how could i miss the chance to try that.  Son of a bitch.....sounds sooooo good

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