You Don't Know The Power of the Dark Side Roast

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Drink over the holidays, you will.
File this under Gift Ideas You're Totally Gonna Want ...

Once again, another entry of particular brilliance from the folks at Think Geek, who've conjured enough Star Wars-esque goods to become the sole source for this author's Christmas gifting: The Star Wars Breakfast Beverage Set. The $29.99 set comes with "gourmet" breakfasty drinks like Hoth Cocoa, Dagobah Green Tea and Vader's Dark Side roast, which you totally don't know the power of.

So. Worth. It. Hoth Cocoa is perfect pick-me-up after a nap among the entrails of your ton-ton.


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Republic of Kergon
Republic of Kergon

Don't do it! I just posted it cause someone sent it to me, and I (hehe) bit.  Called "gone fishin" in the woods!  Great Tejas victory huh?

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