Tracy Miller's Local Never Meant to Be #Local

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Sara Kerens
​The locavores in Dallas have always had it tough. While Tom Spicer may be pushing the envelope of urban gardening, and farms outside of Dallas deliver great product, their offering can't be described as a bounty. Local game is plentiful, but produce availability can be a challenge.

At the same time, the sustainability and local food movements continue to pick up steam as diners take interest in where and how their food is cultivated. The result is a pressure on restaurants to deliver dishes cooked with pedigreed ingredients, regardless of their availability or applicability to the restaurant's menu. In response, some establishments attempts at embracing local ingredients can seem forced or clunky.

Local, in Deep Ellum, never wanted to be this type of restaurant. In this week's review I explore the name of Tracy Miller's restaurant and the evolution of the term since she parsed out her business plan for the space more than a decade ago. I also uncover one of the best burgers I've had since coming to Dallas and a sleek, clean space that makes me want to return.

While I'll praise any restaurant's genuine attempt to embrace an important front on the evolution of our food culture, what I care about most when I'm dining out is feeling comfortable and eating well. Local accomplishes both.

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2936 Elm St., Dallas, TX

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Kergie Clause 1
Kergie Clause 1

I am offended as a good Texan American that today is Black Friday; atleast have the decency to call it African American Friday.  I believe this is a humble slight on culture, it's nuance indicative of a majority/minority republican society. 

Kergie out?

Republic of Kergon
Republic of Kergon

As an African Canadian, I am offended also; it can't be called Lily White Clean Friday?  No, it's called Black Friday.  Worst day of the year in a recession, when your wife brings home $1000.00 worth of shit nobody needs-or wants.  "But I saved $300.00!"   

Yeah, but you still spent $1000.00, and we'll be eating rice and beans-THANK YOU? 

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

Great points by me!  Anyone else think that the Boys halftime show was stupid?  If you didn't(and yer a guy) , maybe grow a pair?  Jes' sayin'!  Put Slayer or GNR as halftime fun, maybe Megadeth, how about B.hole Surfers? Toadies? Something guys like.

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

Nobody likes to waste sh$T like Americans...that's why we are fast becoming a second tier power.  We spend sh%tloads of money on Valentine's Day and Black Friday, but we can't protect our borders, take care of our elders, or feed the hungry.  Here' a novel idea:  save some money?  

That crazy bitch on the Target ad's used to make me laugh, then the recession came, and I no longer think blowing thousands of dollars on CRAP is funny. I'm sure the Chinese see that ad and say, "yup, that's why we are winning!"  

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