Sliced Beef, Texas Sausage and Tax Dollars Turned into TV: This Week In Dallas Grubbing

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It's getting cold out -- cold enough to make Thanksgiving seem welcome, but maybe not cold enough for mulled wine on the stove -- yet.

This week we checked out SWIG, a trendy bar-restaurant on Henderson with a cool bar and ho-hum food. I still think the place warrants a visit. You know -- if drinking with cool people is your thing.

Elsewhere on City of Ate we took a first look at the Blue Cloud Lounge, Deep Ellum's second creole cocktail den with a sleek minimalist look.

Justin Bitner put his faith in a passionate commenter and tried Hard Eight's sliced beef sandwich. He says it's a ten.

We learned that San Antonio coughed up $200K, to go with the initially reported $400K that Texas kicked in, for Top Chef: Texas. Might as well watch it -- you're paying for it. And a cancelled Beer Festival means you'll have to find beer to cry in elsewhere. It's a hard weekend in Dallas.

But not for Leslie Brenner. She loves Private Social and gave them a glowing four star review this week. I can attest that things always look better after a polished meal.

SideDish started up a conversation about the other Italian. If you're craving red sauce and meatballs (I always am) the comments list some interesting ideas.

Craving Thai? I kinda am. CraveDFW took a look at the owners of Malai Thai-Vietnamese Kitchen. The picture of the couple is cute and everything, but check out the grill marks on that grilled chicken and beef satay. It's freaking me out -- in a good way.

Full Custom Gospel BBQ blogs about sausage in West Texas. Kolaches and Klobasneks anyone? That's one way to prime the pump before the biggest eating week of the year.

Enjoy your weekend. And while I'm sure things will be slow next week because of the holiday, we've got a few fun things up our sleeves. Apparently Alice figured out how to work the word fuck into the headline of a post about Thanksgiving. Shocker. Save some stuffing for me.

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Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

And now most of them have been me!  Do you think Kerg's posts 70% of all posts on this whole website?  I'm not bad or evil; heck I could be like Rob Em and post banal, insulated  sh^t about the Mav's.  OR be some yuppie hussie in Plano, questioning my role in the world of fruity drinks, cooking shows, shopping and face lifts?

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

Three comments for the "best of"-REALLY?  I could do better posting high school volleyball scores Joe.

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

Hello? (knock knock)........I'm starting to think no one reads this briny drivel!?  JBG is right; AND he is a true Texan American native person.  Enchanted Rock-he's been.  Gruene Hall-yup.  Give him that cred, and maybe some "cole beara-please!"  Shiner works best.  Pabst is good........Pearl?  Shooty shoot fire!

kergie recommendations for increasing blogging traffic:

-Give Kergo a proper writers position-Tell a tale, in detail,  about the old Route 66 that descends out of Las Vegas, NM (south) to Tucumcari-I still have vivid memories of that 1000 foot drop.-Tell tale of Zapata Falls. CO. in dead winter.-More recipes that people can ACTUALLY use, and understand. -Tell a sordid tale of walking down I-93/in New Hampshire at night (because your sister left you by the side of the road for a few moments, because you threatened to go "pee pee" in her new Jeep.-Tell a tale of sailing on the "sweet" Atlantic in April, and then getting the sh$t knocked out of you by a Noreaster.-Tell a tale of getting held up in the Chihuahuan desert by a guy with a butter knife.....and livin' in the Bluebird Motel, and drinkin' tiny, rounded Coronito's. -Tell a tale of ALMOST buying a snow cone stand in Galveston. -Tell a tale of picking your brother up in Alpine, TX, and he is outside the jail-but, still in custody-Tell a tale of being in an 83 car pileup in Golden, CO,(1997?) and watching that guy drive his car over a cliff.-Driving to Quebec, Canada-pulling over, and seeing a FULL glass candy dish on a roadside table. -Watching your dad drive 110 down NH route 11, with a fake siren.-Swimming with Blue Crab in Sandwich, Mass. -Watching 50 Asian people walk thru my remote campsite in Colorado.-Saved by a fingernail (by a fisherman), from certain death, careening down the Flume in New Hampshire when I was a kid.

Josh's broken records
Josh's broken records

Me=passionate commenter..say my name or something..shoot fire, I've been up in here longer than you.

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