Sign o' the Times: Pizza Climbs the Pop Charts as Vegetable

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Speaking of signs...

Before we all stuffed our bodies with Thanksgiving last week, Congress declared pizza a vegetable. Only not really. Tomato paste, which is obviously associated with pizza, was declared a vegetable. We'll leave it to the Washington Post to sort out the nutritional madness. Meanwhile, in San Antonio, where the above photo was taken (via Reddit's San Antonio page), Pizza Hut is enjoying Congress's findings.

Sign o' the times, for sure.

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That red stuff that goes on Pizza Hut pizza should be considered candy, it's got so much sugar (er, high fructose corn syrup) in it. 


Actually I work for the Pizza Hut in the above picture and I assure you there is no high fructose corn syrup or corn syrup in our pizza sauce. I am allergic to corn and I can have our sauce. 

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

WTH, only in America!  I tell my daughter often kids didn't used to be as "hefty" as they currently are.  Heck man, into my second year of college I weighed like 130 pounds.  We didn't have 24/7 "Macdonalds"; nor did I want it 24/7.  Today, this sh$t is part of the culture. 

ps-Pizza Hut is true greatness; I used to wander the Southwest and treasured my time at PH, enjoying a nice pie in a booth covered in duct tape, and enjoying a cold draft beer.

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