The Birth of Bistro 31, the Death of Heart Attack Grill and More Movement from Last Month in Dallas Dining

Catherine Downes
The V Spot Cafe opened on Henderson.
October has been a busy month for restaurant owners in Dallas, with many restaurants opening and some closing their doors for good. Some notable additions to the city include Vegan café, V Spot and Alberto Lombardi's latest project, Bistro 31.

Read on for the full scoop on restaurant openings in October, and feel free to share any information about restaurant openings or closings in the comments section below or at


Il Palazzo Italian Buffet and Grill (200 E Main St.): This new Italian buffet in Richardson boasts pizza, subs and wings.

V Spot Vegan Cafe (1908 N Henderson Ave.): Dallas welcomed yet another sexual double-entendre named eatery to the scene on Wednesday, October 6.

Bistro 31 (87 Highland Park Village): Alberto Lombardi's latest creation, Bistro 31, opened in Highland Park Village last month.

Stackhouse Burgers (2917 Gaston): The trendy, new burger joint opened in an old East Dallas house near Baylor.

Zio Cecio Cucina Italiano (4615 Lovers Lane): According to the website, it's "an Italian affair with a Sardinian twist" and the menu features everything from imported cured meats to artisanal cheeses as well as pastas and risottos.

Two Corks and a Bottle (2800 Routh St.): The winery and wine bar celebrated its grand opening on Friday, September 30, so not technically in October, but we figure it's close enough.

Jake's (2422 Henderson Ave.): The local hamburger joint recently opened a location on Henderson Ave.


Heart Attack Grill (1718 N Market St.): The doors are shut, there is no longer a Dallas location on their website and their phone number is nowhere to be found, we guess they're closed for good.

Molly Maguire's (5815 Live Oak St.): The pub only just barely made it past its one year anniversary when the landlord terminated its lease, a comment posted on Molly Maguire's Facebook page on October 15 reads: "I'm sure everyone is aware by now, but just in case... Unfortunately, the landlord terminated our lease. Apparently, they're searching for a 'national-level tenant.' Thanks for all the good times and memories. --Joey & The Molly's Fam (Nichole, Crystalei, Ricky)."

Alma (2822 North Henderson Ave.): The Mexican food restaurant opened early this year in the former Cuba Libre building on Henderson, but didn't make it through 2011. The restaurant has closed its doors for good.

Coming Soon:

Sissy's Fried Chicken (2929 North Henderson Ave.): Celebrity chef, Lisa Garza, is taking over the old Hector's on Henderson space and opening Sissy's Fried Chicken.

Company Café (second location (3136 Routh)) : They're opening a Katy Trail location and are still looking for staff .

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Grumpy Demo
Grumpy Demo

"V Spot Vegan Cafe" does this mean we can expect a slew of vegan "breastaurant" themes over the next coming years?

Only in Dallas: Jr. High double entente meets vegan cuisine.

Makes veal scaloppine seem almost Calvinist.


Hmmm, so Molly Maguire's landlord kicked out a paying tenant because they're searching for a replacement tenant with more brand recognition?  Okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.


Lisa Garza as in one of the former Next Foot Network Star contestants from a couple years back who came across as snotty and arrogant? That's really stretching the definition of celebrity. Of course, I did remember her.

Bobby Flay
Bobby Flay

When did Lisa Garza become a celebrity... or a chef?


According to scuttlebutt over at the Landing, they were behind on the rent. Hard times. That space really needs to be cut up into two or three spaces. It's too BIG.


That's how we do business here in Dallas. The landlord probably needs to post a loss to balance too much profit somewhere else.

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