New Lay's Vending Machine Makes Real Potato Chips Right Before Your Fat-Ass Eyes (Update: Actually, That's Not True At All)

(UPDATE: This is actually just a really cool vending machine. A really cool machine with a fancy screen that shows a VIDEO of a potato being made. But hey, you have to admit, it looks cool. I am an idiot, and I hate the internet).

(Editor's note: I also am an idiot.)

File this under Holy-Shit-Please-Let-This-Come-to-Dallas.

Adage reported recently on what could be the coolest mainstream food device ever: The Lay's Machine. This brilliant piece of design allows a chip-hungry user to insert a real potato, and by way of a Rube Goldberg-ish design, get a friggin' fresh, steaming bag potato chips on the other end.


Fast forward to today, when PSFK visualized the first wave of the Lay's marketing campaign. We have to say, it's very convincing. According to PSFK, a Walmart in Buenos Aires already has a working real-spud vending machine, and the viral video (below) hints at much more.

Even if this doesn't make it to Frito-Lay-Heaquartered Plano and Dallas (which, come on, it totally should), you should at least watch the cleverly made video below.

Lay's machine - Debut (English txt) from Castro Innovation on Vimeo.

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Uh, you put a potato in, get an animation on a big screen, and then get a bag of ordinary Lays. It doesn't really make potato chips.

Nick R.
Nick R.

We've updated the piece to include a reference to my dangerously low IQ


Nick, if it makes you feel any better, for a long, long time I thought that they were saying "Boise!" in that Bel Biv Devoe song, "Poison." I thought they just really liked girls from Boise.

We all have low IQ moments, at least yours only lasted a few minutes.

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