Six Ways to Localize Your Dallas Thanksgiving

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Pearl Brand Artisanal Ice Cream
We've already talked turkey. Now, let us not delegate lesser attention to the other elements of a proper Thanksgiving feast, many of which you nary have to travel far to find. There are, in fact, many ways to bring a local farm, wine-maker, cheese crafter, coffee roaster and ice-cream churner straight to your Ikea table this holiday. Our cornucopia runneth over. Following are six solid options.

1. Urban Acres has fall flavors of Pearl Brand Artisanal Ice Cream from local baker and ice-cream purveyor, Penelope Carlton. Flavors include: nutmeg, apple vanilla spice, cranberry white chocolate and Tahitian vanilla. Each batch is handmade and has crazy robust flavor. If you're not sure about nutmeg ice cream, imagine cinnamon, only better.

Urban Acres
2. Urban Acres has local Japanese sweet potatoes from Morrison Organic Farms in Cleburne. The Morrisons actually got this brand of sweet potatoes from Urban Acres last year then went home, cut them up and planted them in their fields. Behold a whole new plentiful purple crop.

Fresh Life Foods Coffee
3. Each week Fresh Life Foods in Rockwall roasts a different batch of organic, fair trade coffee. Currently they have a Kenyan premium and Indian Mysore.

"It's one of India's rarest coffees," says Katey Standifer of Fresh Life Foods. "It's really complex because it has a little spice and a bit of caramel. It's perfect for Thanksgiving dinner."

Fresh Life Foods has a store off the square in Rockwall where they sell organic baked goods in addition to fresh roasted coffee. They'll be at Eden's Organic and the White Rock Local Market this Saturday.

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Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

I'm only going to Walmart, and maybe Sam's for my feast; so if'n I'm eatin' local, they better have that sh%t mentioned above-salute'!  POW.  

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