Come Watch Top Chef: Texas With City of Ate at La Grange

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Bravo will premiere the newest and Texiest season of Top Chef tomorrow at 9 p.m. After weeks months of bitching about reporting on the show, your tax dollars and some quirky contestants, we're ready to watch each episode closely. We're even ready to booze it up while we do it.

Want to join us? We're hosting a watch party at La Grange in Deep Ellum each Wednesday until the show concludes.

Staff writer Leslie Minora should be on hand feverishly taking notes and recapping each episode here on City of Ate, and a few other writers from your favorite blog will drop in from time to time as well. Since I'm still trying to remain as anonymous as I can, I'll be watching through binoculars from across the street -- pining for the tacos I told you about a little over a month ago.

We love comments. But we love faces better. Come watch TV with us like a normal human being before reverting back to your usual self in the comment threads the next morning.

Just don't be this guy.

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Start without us.

Nick R.
Nick R.

Pack your knives and go. 

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