The Cedars Social Lures Veteran New York Chef Kyle McClelland to Dallas

Chef Kyle McClelland
​Chef Kyle McClelland, a veteran of the Manhattan culinary scene, has moved to Dallas to take over the kitchen at The Cedars Social, the popular bar-restaurant near the Southside on Lamar complex, the restaurant announced today.

The French Culinary Institute graduate grew up in New England and was raised on fresh seafood and Mom's down-home cooking. His got his first job in a kitchen when he was 16 and has been in the industry for more than 15 years. He was most recently the executive chef at Cavier Russe in New York City. From the press release:

McClelland's reputable resume includes his work as Sous Chef at Ambrosia on Huntington. He spent three years as Sous Chef at The Federalist at the XV Beacon Hotel under the extraordinary talents of Chef David Daniels before his next position as Executive Sous Chef at Ten Tables. McClelland then moved his talents to the off-shore culinary destination of Nantucket Island, Massachusetts as the Chef d'Cuisine, and rejoined Chef Daniels at TOPPER'S at Relais & Chateaux - The Wauwinet. There he created luxury fare for diners around the globe and further developed his love for fresh local ingredients. Chef McClelland earned his Grand Diploma from the prestigious French Culinary Institute in New York City.

We spoke with McClelland about his background and the big move.

When did you first become interested in cooking?
My family has always loved to cook and when I got into high school I had to think about what I wanted to do. I loved art, but that just wasn't the best thing for me. So, at 16 I got a job at a place called the Bedford Village Inn. It's a beautiful restaurant in New Hampshire and I worked there all through high school. I started as a prep cook and graduated through every station and I knew then that cooking is what I wanted to do.

When you think of your childhood, what food comes to mind?
My mom was into comfort foods like shepherd's pie. Also, growing up in Cape Cod, we'd go out to the jetties and get mussels, clams and quahogs. I really love fresh seafood.

How do you know [Cedars Social Owner] Michael Martensen?
We both worked at Toppers at The Wauwinet in Nantucket.

And, he recruited you for The Cedars Social?

What were your first thoughts on coming down to Texas?
I'm not going to lie, I was very iffy about it. But, after I got down here, I saw the potential of the Dallas restaurant scene -- Dallas has something to offer. It's one of the largest markets in the country and I like what Michael's done here with the cocktail side.

Did you visit before you moved?
Yes, they brought me down for a week.

When was that first visit? Was it hotter then hell?
No, they made sure of that. They told me that if I would have come down two weeks before I would have said no way. They had it planned out like that. I was calling them, "Hey, what's going on?" because there were opportunities that I passed up in New York. But, they eventually got me down here and I liked it.

What was the actual experience like on that first visit?
I came down here and just sat in Cedars Social and watched the hustle and bustle of the place. It's a place where people want to be seen. And I really think we can offer something together (with Michael Martensen) that's fun and different. Something that people aren't doing down here. I'm not saying I'm bringing New York to Dallas or anything like that.

How long have you been here?
It's been 21 days.

How do you like it so far?
I like it.

Last week you celebrated your 31st birthday. What did you do?
I worked and then went to the Palladium for the Halloween show.

Where did you go for your birthday dinner?

You didn't have a birthday dinner?
This is my first time to Dallas ...

What are some of the places you've been to eat at so far?
The Mansion, Marquee, Tei An, which is my favorite place so far. It reminds me of New York. I'm very in to Asian cuisine.

How does Tei An compare to New York City Asian cuisine?
It's great. It definitely compares.

What are looking forward to about being in Dallas?
I look it as something new, like a new adventure since I've never really spent any time in the South. And with the restaurant, I look forward to what Michael and Brian have already created and I really feel like the food can complement the cocktails.

It's a really cool place and we have a lot of really cool ideas that are going to happen in the future.

Have you tried Tex-Mex yet?
I just had it for the first time at Manny's.

How was it?
Heavy. I had to go home and take a nap.

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Way to kill the momentum and lead with boring. Not fast paced Reitz.


Can't you block these idiots before they totally ruin your blog?

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

First was Fisk's shot, then THIS is my other enduring memory of 1970's sports.Wensink vs. the Minnie North Stars bench...what a bunch of weenies!  They still play the same way.  Don't forget, the BRUINS ARE BIG AND BAD, AND THEY WILL BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF YOUR HOCKEY TEAM!  I remember Bruins vs the Flyers circa 1974 thru 1978 , and they'd be blood and teeth, and hair all over the ice-and they'd be Bobby Orr vs. Bobby Clarke, or Mel "the Battleship" Bridgeman vs. Stan Jonathon-freakin' awesome!

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship


Dear LDD,    Ask the chef if he thinks the Franconia area in the best place to camp in New England.  Or what about camping down east? Baxter? Also, ask him if he visited the Old Man on the Mountain when he was a kid?  Johnson's Dairy?  The Flume?  Plantation Village in Saugus?  Santa's Village in Alton?  Weirs Beach?  Nauset Light on Cape?  

Does he enjoy Papa Gino's? Santoro's subs?  Dipeitro's in Medford Square?  Evan's Pizza in Sandwich?  

Has he seen the whales in P.Town?

Has he been on the snowmobile trail north of Gilmanton?  On the old carriage road?  Has he ever driven down Middle Route, at night?  With the lights off?

Has he ever been to Berlin town?  And then to Montreal?

I have so many questions for this guy!

Does he think the Pat's defense can win in the platyoff's?

Are the Bruins suffering from a Stanley Cup hanfover?

Is JD Drew the best rightfielder since Dewey Evans? 

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

Really f$ck head, there has been 10 blog postings-like, ALL DAY, on this turd, and we are ruining it?  Really, bring something then, you, you, you, flaccid dong infested American Standard receptacle.  That's all you bring?  I've been working over a hot laptop all damn day, and you, YOU, bring snarky, unsubstantiated drivel?  I give you zero points, and may the homeless and the drug addled save you.....I detect lonely Occupier here!?  Stinky mess.


"Is JD Drew the best right fielder since Dewey Evans."  Rhetorical question. Dwight Evans was the best combination of fielding, throwing and hitting I ever saw with the Bosox.  Everyone remembers Fisk's homer in game 6, but he would never have reached the plate if Dewey had not earlier run like blazes to the far RF corner to steal away Joe Morgan's home run.


I agree with Joeat! If you want to talk sports and call the Chef a "turd"(what are you 5) then go to a damn sports blog or just shut the hell up! Damn your annoying! I've happened to enjoy this Chef's food in NYC and it's amazing, to bad you have to be a condescending prick and disrespect all his hard work!


Tight assed Yankee fan.  Kergo is right, without him the blog would not be a blog but only a mere internet article,  So joeat, what do you think of Lauren's interview.  I thought it was very good; so good that this week I am going to Cedars, toss the menu aside and ask the service person to as the chef to woo me omakase style.  I'm personally very interested in what he is going to do with Tesar's aspiring menu (but one somewhat flawed at times in execution, e.g., the tempura sweetbreads--too much tempura relative to the 'breads, though the pig's ear milanese was fantastic).  I like the sound of his management style--a kitchen cannot be too clean--though I think those French chefs check out the cooks' arms more for determining intravenous drug use  than as a tell for sloppy cooking. 

So joeat, do you have any salient thoughts other than a disinterest in Boston sports?

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

Good points loves me some Redsox baseball; especially, some 1974-179 Sawx bawl.

-Yaz-Cecil Cooper-Boomer Scott-Doug Griffin-Denny Doyle-Remy-Hobson-Rico-Fisky-Freddie Lynn-Rick Miller-Dewey-Jim Rice-Reggie Smith-Bernie Carbo-Roget Moret....and the greatest-El Tiante'!

ps-Man Dewey had a cannon!  That catch against the bullpen was the greatest.


What's that Briuin's story?  Jesus saves and Esposito scores on the rebound.


God did I hate that '78 playoff:  leaving Torrez in too long, Pinella's successful decoy, Dent's POS home run and lastly Yaz's infield fly for the last out of the game.  I felt so sorry for Yaz because I thought everyone would remember the last out and forget his HR early in the game.  Yeah, that was a great team, and fun to watch.  If only Eck didn't have to pitch the last game of the season . . . .

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

Dear Primo,    Nice work!  I still have game 6 recorded, and usually run by it once a year.  It still gives me goosebumps!  I remember it like it was yesterday.  Not only did I NOT have to go to bed (I was 8), I was encouraged to watch this game.  Freakin' crazy New Englander's.  In 1978 when they played that playoff game with the Yankee's, nobody went to school. It was red Sawx hallliday. 

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

Oh yeah-ECK.  AND yes, Freddie Lynn was the soul of the team; the best position player, with Yaz aging.  Luis Tiant was the heart of that team. Freddie was a great centerfielder, and a tremendous hitter, before his wheels started to hurt.  In 1978 there were references to Hall of Fame, and hits like Teddy. Let's not forget, he was the AL co rookie of the year, and 1975 MVP-in the same year!  If Haywood Sullivan, and the Yawkey family hadn't destroyed that team; we could have captured multiple championships.  They had everything!  And they were just as good as the other 70's powerhouses:

72,73 + 74 A's68-72 Orioles1971-79 Reds77 + 78 Yanks

That was the greatest Red Sox team ever assembled.  Almost as impressive as the 70-78 Bruins. 


Great memories.  Loved watching Fred Lynn play.  There's a great very short write up on him in Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract where a very old fan iat Fenway (old enough to have seen Ruth, Ted Williams, etc.) is asked who was the best Bosox ball player he ever saw.  He didn't hesitate for a second and said "fred lynn.  don't think much of him now but when he was good he was the best."

And don't forget Eck,

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

oh yeah, I forgot Dave Stapleton, Glenn Hoffman, and the Rooster, Rick Burleson.  Also, Bill Lee, Don Zimmer, Dick Drago.

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