Café Istanbul, a Staple on Lovers, Gets a Makeover (Photos)

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Café Istanbul has been in the Inwood Village Shopping Center on Lovers Lane for over 15 years, but this summer regulars found their go-to Mediterranean spot closed for renovations. When the restaurant reopened in mid-October, customers returned to a more slightly modern vibe, with new dark wood accents around the room. But the place maintains some old-world charm, with ceramic tile floors and lanterns around the main dining room.

Owner Erol Girgin's menu of classic Turkish dishes is replete with charbroiled lamb, beef, chicken, rice pilaf, red peppers, onions, garlic and parsley, as well as mains like doner sandwiches, lahmacun (pizza) and lamb shank. Still one of the only Turkish restaurants in the city, the updated interior enhances this Dallas original.

The scene is prime for an adventurous date and can fluctuate between casual and low-key to intimate. If the large menu is daunting, the wait staff is eager to assist.

Here are some more photos of the new space and same ol' food:





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Café Istanbul

5450 W. Lovers Lane, Dallas, TX

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Its been 10 years since i went, but the food was delicious and service stellar.  they accomodated a party of 10 for a birthday with ease.


Never had anything but great service here.  They also accomodated a large party for a friend's birthday dinner and were very helpful.


Has some of the worst and rudest service.  Not as bad Old Warsaw, but bad enough to never come back.  From the pictures it looks like I haven't missed a thing.


I've read that on a few places. But, I have no patience for that. And I wouldn't have put that last line in there if I didn't believe it to be true. When I went, they were spot on and bend-over-backwards nice. Have you been recently? 


Not for ten years.  But that is the way poor service works--you don't go back to see if it gets better (an even better story about Arcodoro has kept me away over 20 years).  Me and my date were meeting two other couples at short notice (it wasn't busy) and there was much grumbling of impossibles about adding a table and two chairs, in fact two chairs were quickly determined to be an impossibility.  Plenty of tables, plenty of chairs, and plenty of bad attitude.  It was very clear they were not happy to see us.  So we were very happy to leave.

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