Hacienda on Henderson Has the Scariest Mac and Cheese in Dallas

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pardon my flash
Navigating Dallas' best mac and cheese dishes was hard work. (Editor's note: He's a food critic. It's all relative.) Any dish that leverages an ingredient as great as cheese sufficiently to put it in the title is usually going to be decent, and many of the versions I tried were stellar. There was one version, however, that gave me pause.

I'd just tried NHS Tavern's mac and cheese, crusted with big frumpy cheetos, and the bar had grown so crowded that evening that I decided to shoot across the street for a drink I could enjoy in peace. Inside the Hacienda on Henderson, the crowd had already waned and tables were available. Chips and salsa hit the deck moments after sitting, and I checked out the late-night menu. And whaddya know: they had mac and cheese here, too, though this is unlike any rendition I've ever encountered.

It comes in the form of a late-night chimichanga, and it's an all-out, gustatory shit show. It could be that I'd already had dinner on top of a heavy lunch, and now, late at night, I was far from hungry. But more than likely it was an absolute cheese overload that made me frightened by this dish. I could barely put a dent in it.

Creamy jalapeno-laced mac and cheese, wrapped in a flour tortilla, deep fried and then topped with runny cheese sauce -- this was drunk food of the highest order. In fact, I'm pretty sure the inventor of the dish was drunk when he came up with the idea.

The cheese orgy costs $8,. The anti-statins you'll need afterward cost extra.

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Does NST put Cheetos on their "Last Word" mac now; that's the second time you mentioned it.  I haven't ordered it in the last three months but that would be a shame.  For me, it's always been buttered, herbed breadcrumbs.  Odd.

Chris Danger
Chris Danger

I remember when Hacendia was Coquitas, before all the hipsters moved in and screwed up Henderson. It was an amazing "real mexican" place that got squeezed out when the rent went up and was replaced w/ this "dining establishment". Everytime i've visited Hacendia, its been full of perpetually half-drunk trust fund chicks, their aging frat boyfriends and the occasional smart-mouth off-spring of the two previous. Its the only place that Leslie Brenner and I agree on when it comes to restaurant rating, which is less than one star..


@Chris Danger Coquitas was great. Half the fun was driving down darkened Henderson and navigating the small parking lot. Once inside the Latino-to-Guerro ratio was about 20-1 but just about everyone shared a common theme - drunk and starving. I went back sober several times to confirm the food was as good as I drunkenly remembered.Did the Richardson Coquitas location close? sighHacienda is garbage.

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