The Den is Open on McKinney. Here Are Some Photos, Bro.

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McKinney Avenue welcomed yet another bar and grill to the strip last month. The Den Bar & Grill has taken over the space where Liar's Den used to be, boasting three stories of hangout space.

The Den serves food all day, but it's more of a bar than a grill. Four categories are listed on the one sided laminated menu: starters, greens, burgers, and sandwiches and extras, with prices ranging from $2 for steak fries to $6 for "Elvis Presley's Fave," a grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich. Actually, with nothing on the menu more than $7, it's got "college crowd" written all over it, which might explain the crowd on Tuesday night: an abundance of college-aged patrons hanging out, singing karaoke and playing beer-related games around a fold out table.

The first floor is spacious, a large room filled with wooden tables, chairs and small booths. The walls are lined with flat screen TVs locked on sports. The second floor is referred to as The Rumor Lounge and is full-blown club, with a DJ booth and disco ball. The third and most impressive floor is the rooftop terrace, featuring cushy patio furniture, a bar and the highlight of the whole place: a clear view of the Dallas skyline.

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Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

I'd check it out if it was in  McKinney.......635 is like the Mason Dixon line for me.  North is beautiful and fruitful; south is toothless and ragged. I remember when I first moved down here, and kids would say "south's gonna do it again!"; and I'd think, do what, lose again?  Be dirt poor again? Now, as a GREAT TEXAN American, I say, good day (like Paul Harvey)?

ps-Top Five Things to Do w/Ground Beef:

-Burger-Taco's-Browning for a nice red, or white sauce (I prefer chicken or beans in a nice white wine sauce)-Mix w/Ricotta, Fresh Basil and Maple Sausage for Stuffed Shells!-MEATBALLS...and make stuffing balls also-just like Pa used to make; and use sage, and thyme.

Last Nights Dinner-Diced, seasoned skirt steak w/sweet peppers and onions-on warm corn tortilla's. With:

-Fresh cilantro-Sour Cream-Fresh diced jalapeno's-Tabasco-Avacado.......ay yi yie, that ess was goooooooood!

Tonight's Dinner:    Cannelloni-stuffed with rice, shaved chicken and mushroom/sour cream sauce (touch of fresh lemon juice!) w/shredded jack cheese.

Kergie Out?

Kergie Boat
Kergie Boat

Is it a doucher paradise?  Replete with $30,000. millionaires, hat backwards turds, and tollway trash? 


No not at all actually. Good crowd, nice change.

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